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As we approach the midsummer of 2019, you may be finding yourself with the opportunity to take a well-earned holiday. So far, 2019 has seen a rise in bespoke and creative wellness tourism, with some exciting new trends emerging from previous years. Wellness holidays, dedicated to maintaining and enhancing wellbeing, are now considered by some to be a fresh antidote to hectic modern life. It is, therefore, no surprise, that the Global Wellness Institute report 2018, saw that the demand for wellness trips is spiking. This contributed to industry growth to become two folds greater than general tourism, with no signs of the trajectory plateauing anytime soon. New and emerging trends such as ‘painmoons’ and ‘mumcations’ may sound unfamiliar, so we’ve put together a description for these new terms in order to enlighten you to wellness travel for 2019 and beyond.

heard of wild ponies in the mountainsGreen Getaway

In recent years, mental health has seen a sharp increase in exposure across mainstream media, raising awareness and concerns over the severity of the matter. Recent studies carried out by the Mental Health Foundation found that stress levels have reached unprecedented highs. With 74% of the population feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope in their day-to-day life. From the same study, factors that have been found to contribute to this sharp rise, range from body image, loneliness and increased social media pressures to financial fears, employment instability and housing woes.

For many, time taken to restore personal wellness can be part of the solution, enter: the green getaway - a trip dedicated to leaving the city behind and immersing into the natural environment. It has become well researched about the potential benefits of nature on wellbeing. An in-depth analysis by the BBC, reports the benefits. Their findings include soaking in Vitamin D to promote bone growth and inhaling breaths of fresh air to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to quiet the mind and ease tensions.


You may have already heard of a babymoon, which is a holiday taken by parents-to-be before birth and consequent change of lifestyle their child will bring. While similar by approach, a painmoon is typically a journey taken by an individual, as a chance to heal after an emotionally turbulent time. These events include, but are not limited to, a painful break-up or the death of a loved one. The idea is that the individual can begin to process tough emotions, in a controlled environment, allowing release as an introduction to healing.

silhouette of a woman standing by the ocean Mumcation

Perhaps an easy one to decipher, a mumcation is the opportunity for mums to take a well-deserved vacation, either on their own or in a group. The stresses of parenting are well known, and navigating the world of expensive childcare, work and family life balance can often cause a build-up of tension. Naturally, leaving behind your home and family for a time to relax may seem daunting, and even selfish. However, the idea at heart is that by allowing yourself time to wind down, reconnect and relax, you are putting yourself in the position to be the best person you can be. In doing this, you can nourish and grow your family to the height of your ability.

Fertility Trips

It can often be an emotionally strenuous time for couples who are struggling to conceive. Studies by WebMD suggest reduced chances of pregnancy and possibilities of chronic infertility are linked to stress. With this in mind, both men and women can benefit from a holiday designed to reduce stress levels and encourage bonding.

two shells being held up to the sky by hands to make a heartSeeking Silence

For most of us living in cities and towns, silence is a highly evasive and often a missed privilege. Many of us find noise pollution irritating and distracting, and it’s little wonder individuals are seeking not only a break but one that is completely quiet. Silence retreats often focus on meditation and workshops, for example, learning how to breathe to slow your rhythm. People who attend these retreats often find that these hours spent in silence, allows them to reconnect and focus on oneself.

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