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A marvel of Renaissance art and architecture with a distinct exterior and interior style, discover a new slice of Italy on a retreat to Tuscany. Deep-rooted in culture and historic traditions, Tuscany is a unique destination with fierce values and scenic surroundings.


Welcome to Tuscany

Clear skies, bountiful floral gardens stretching over the horizon to meet the rural green hills. Tuscany is a gem of wellness in itself. Ideal for a short weekend break without having to travel too far, Tuscany is the prime destination to help you revise your definition of happiness and satisfaction. Based in Central Italy renowned for encompassing the wistfully beautiful landscapes, Tuscany will prove to steal a piece of your heart. Liberate the mind and let sunny spells, seaside breeze and scenic landscapes consume your attention and concentration, as you nurture a special relationship with the land throughout the mornings and evenings.

Why a retreat in Tuscany?

Most times, a retreat and a holiday are confused for being a thing of the same. Yet, despite their definition being similar, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and results of each vary. More specifically, a retreat is an immersive experience held at some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations and resorts in the world including Tuscany, to help individuals acquire the essential tools to achieve balance, away from the comforts of home and the stresses of daily life. Each and every programme includes life-enhancing classes, workshops and activities to help guests continue to maintain a balanced lifestyle at home.


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