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Restore at Tuscan Medieval Retreat

This is a past retreat and it is no longer available

Unfortunately this retreat is no longer available. Discover Balance Holidays and our carefully curated collection of wellbeing retreats. Alternatively contact us if you prefer a personalised offering.


This is a past retreat belonging to the 2019 Fixed Date Retreats Collections and it is no longer available. 

Please contact the Balance Holidays team to request this programme as a Private Retreat.


Reimagine your wellbeing and find serenity wandering beneath the native cypress trees in a spectacular corner of Italy on the Restore at Tuscan Medieval Retreat. Backed by generous spreads of textured landscape that look out to a screen of natural beauty. Uncover new possibilities as you unwind, grow and explore as one with nature.

Begin each day with an open heart and mind in Dynamic Odaka Flow Yoga with our expert, Melania de Masi. Be guided on a series of gentle and energising movements and poses, carving space for open dialogue, freely exploring emotions and confronting fears.

Appreciate spreads of colour and meditative sounds winding along the Tuscan countryside on a relaxed horseback ride followed by an outdoor picnic. In the late-summer months, horseback riding will take place around sunset, to let the body and mind expand with curiosity and new insights. Feel present in the company of nature with guided treks and dynamic mountain E-bike excursions. Depending on the time of year, this programme will also include a truffle hunting and tasting. A seasonal noble gift of Mother Nature.

The flavours of Tuscany are not to be ignored. Learn to choose and pair seasonal ingredients before being shown how to cook these together using traditional recipes in a healthy cooking workshop. For this retreat, a delicious taste of Tuscany menu is specially designed by Balance Holidays with the expertise of the property chefs. All ingredients will be sourced from the certified organic Il Borro gardens. Unfold the art of winemaking and taste region-famed wines in a guided wine tasting session in the property’s wine cellars. Which is one of the oldest in Italy where the very first Chianti wine was produced.

Clear the mind and take it slow in the evenings with Yin Yoga, Pranayama classes and two dedicated mindfulness workshops. Dedicated to restoring wellbeing, this programme includes a complimentary spa treatment to further promote relaxation and calm.

Throughout this retreat you will stay at the exceptional property of Il Borro. Carrying a history dating back to 1254, every alley, every stone speaks of a time filled with flavours and scents belonging to a rare and authentic Tuscany. Furthermore, the property is underpinned by ethical principles, making eco-conscious choices orientated towards sustainability. Renewable energy, the use of natural fertilizers and no use of pesticides in its vineyards, olive grove and gardens are a few examples.

What's included

- Daily Dynamic Odaka Yoga Flow
- Evening Hatha Yin Yoga & Pranayama classes
- E-Bike Excursion
- Guided Trekking Excursion (March - June)
- Horseback Ride With Picnic (March - June)
- Sunset Horseback Ride (July - October)
- Truffle Hunt With Tasting (September - November)
- Traditional Tuscan Healthy Cooking Class
- Wine Tour Followed With Tasting
- X2 Mindfulness Workshops
- Complimentary Spa Treatment
- Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
- Accommodation in the Medieval Village

Transportation Costs To and From This Retreat

Food and cuisine

At the heart of Italian culture, food plays a vital role not only to satisfy hunger but to feed the body, mind and soul. At Il Borro, each dish infuses Tuscan tradition with its ethical responsibilities through the use of organic, wholesome and fresh locally grown ingredients. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements and allergies. 

The experts

  • melania-de-masi-bh-expert
    Melania De Masi

    Melania is an enthusiastic Odaka yoga teacher with a contemporary and innovative style that is popular in Japan and incorporates martial arts, Zen and traditional yoga postures. She trained directly under its founder and holds a diploma in Odaka Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Hatha Yoga/Yin Yoga. The concept of her practice is “Live Centered, Liquefy Your Limits, Embrace The Power,” which finds inspiration by observing the movement of the ocean and its waves. This beautiful flowing yoga style allows living centered in the middle of chaos. Her goal is to allow her students to discover the potential hidden within and unlock it, helping them realise that once they lift the self-imposed image, transformation happens. Find Melania on the Restore at Tuscan Medieval Retreat.

Accommodation and prices

Experience an authentic Tuscan village spirit in a discreet suite, encompassing rustic and rural charm and beauty. Each morning, wake from a refreshed night’s sleep in an airy space of sumptuous comfort. With a generous view of the surrounding estate grounds, relish in a typically traditional Tuscan experience that will not go forgotten.

  • Premium

    Having recently undergone renovation works, the Premium Rooms at Il Borro will provide a space of utmost comfort while modestly preserving its traditional Tuscan character. Complete with traditional fireplaces and modern amenities including bathtubs, large showers and reading corners, the Premium suite rooms are swathed in soft tones to create a pleasantly welcoming ambience. Reach for a near-by window or unlatch the panel doors in the morning to catch the medieval village grounded in all its authentic brilliance. Toiletries included.

  • Superior

    Situated in the heart of the medieval village, the Superior suite is a step into fuss-free comfort. Safeguarding the traditional Tuscan style and its breath of promise to the environment, the décor and room furniture follow a neutral palette, finished with polished wood flooring, mahogany brown beams across the ceiling and double panelled glass windows located suitably across the suite to allow guests to wake up at ease, in sync with the ascending morning sun. Each suite is furnished with ultra-modern amenities and toiletries.

Unfortunately this retreat is no longer available. Discover Balance Holidays and our carefully curated collection of wellbeing retreats. Alternatively contact us if you prefer a personalised offering. Explore our retreats

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