Personalised To Your Needs

Connect, restore and discover on a retreat focused on personalisation, curated details and privacy, each conceived with your wellbeing in mind.

Kind and Caring Knowledgeable Expert Guidance

Each specialised and deeply-respected in their fields, cultivate a healthier, positive and balanced lifestyle under the caring guidance of our experts.

Bringing You Closer

Set in quiet destinations, be greeted by all manners of nature, as every aspect of the retreat is created with reverence and care for the natural world.

Designed to provide time and space for things that matter to you

Our private retreats are centred on the essence of our classic wellbeing retreats. Bringing a timeless, natural environment, unique practices, nature-based activities and splendid field-to-fork meals in a private and personalised setting. Providing feelings of freedom and space, allowing you to come together, adventure and create lasting memories


- Modelled against our fixed-date retreats, our private retreats are a personalised option to our highly-curated and all-inclusive offering. Choose a suitable date, preferred group size, a selection of activities and meal arrangements to begin a unique experience celebrating time together.

- Facilitated by a team of hand-selected experts who are leaders in their fields. Reunite and revel in the company of each other and nature, engaging in a diverse range of outdoor activities, creative classes and relationship-building workshops that appeal to all ages.


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