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Look outwards to the sapphire waters of the Adriatic Sea and let Istria energise you with its tranquil simplicity and ancient charm. Amongst the steep sloping hills, find discreet corners carrying a piece of history and unfold one of Europe’s glorious gems.


Welcome to Istria

On the Slovenian border to the north-west of Croatia sits the heart-shaped peninsula of Istria. To avid gastronomers, its arable landscape is renowned for high quality fine wines, fresh seafood and rich olive oils. The region is braided with rivers that gush and tumble through blissful valleys, emerging into a rugged coastline, feeding into the Adriatic Sea. The versatile national affiliations of Istrian natives make them unique to Croatia and most certainly, in the world too. These influences can be witnessed through the local region’s culture, cuisine and architecture.

Why a retreat in Istria?

The distant yet nearby landscapes of Istria have been carefully considered and chosen as a retreat destination by Balance Holidays. To help guests feel removed from the consistent dragging and dull rotations of city life, take the opportunity to relax the mind and nourish the body through an exclusively designed programme, curated with your wellbeing at heart. In this spectacular region of Croatia, be privileged by a Mediterranean or sub-Mediterranean climate through comforting, mild temperatures no matter the time of visit. Historical ruins are dispersed across Istria without the clustered crowds, making the visiting of towns and monuments a leisure and hassle-free experience.


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