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Relearn the art and beauty of enjoying time alone on a retreat in Puglia. Staying true to the Apulian style of life and traditions, indulge in spots of health-enhancing treatments and yoga workshops with the idyllic settings in this discreet region of Italy. Complete with sand and sea at the doorstep, take the opportunity to relax and explore.


Welcome to Puglia

With the warm azure sea and golden halcyon sand at your footsteps every morning, feel released from responsibilities and excitement to dive into the welcoming surroundings of Puglia. Situated at the heel of Italy’s boot in the South and a coastline longer than any region in Italy, Puglia is renowned for being an escape from the ordinary. The beauty of Puglia lies within it's rich history that contains the Greeks and Romans as well as the hushed tempo of everyday life, a concept adapted into the practices of Yoga, meditation and breathing sessions in each programme to help individuals enjoy time to themselves.

Why choose a retreat in Puglia?

A retreat and a holiday are often confused as being the same and although their definition is relatively similar, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, each approach the matter differently and achieve different results. A retreat is an immersive and unique experience held in exclusive destinations such as Puglia, aimed to offer the essential tools for individuals wishing to choreograph a new journey of balance during and after the retreat whilst being away from the comfort of home and the inevitable factors of stress.


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