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A new era of back-to-nature experiences

Amidst the new world that surrounds us and the way we travel, the essence of Balance Holidays and every experience we design remains untouched. Positioned in the heart of nature in lesser-traversed destinations, favoured for the generosity of space, privacy and tranquility. Our experiences are the perfect option for coming together with friends and family, as well as meeting and joining other Balance Holidays guests to share the moment, connect and restore. The purity of the environment combined with a unique selection of nature-based activities, workshops and classes. Which are facilitated by our team of learned experts, result in a highly curated and life-enhancing experience.

We rigorously hand-select and work closely with every property in our collection to fulfil a promise of utmost intimacy and privacy. As we understand the destination plays an integral role in shaping an enjoyable experience for you. In light of Covid-19, the health and wellbeing of our guests, teams and communities remains key priority. Which is why we have evaluated, adapted and adjusted our offerings. Taking all necessary steps in accordance with guidelines outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Centres of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local health authorities of each destination and developing individually determined Health and Safety protocols for every experience. Allowing us to continue to stay committed to providing an authentic, comfortable and safe environment as expected from us, for you to focus on the things that matter to you.


Together with our experts and partner properties, we continue to remain committed to maintaining and heightening our health, hygiene and safety measures. Operating with raised vigilance and retreat specific Health and Safety protocols established, enforced and in full-effect. Allowing every guest to relish in the inspiring and natural settings and interact safely with others who are also attending the retreat. Drawing the focus and attention to sustain vitality and a true state of being on a Fixed Date retreat.

Each property in our collection is chosen for their intimate size and supreme indoor and outdoor spaces. Which will either be privately reserved in whole or depending on the chosen destination and an agenda item takes place indoors, Balance Holidays’ guests will have exclusive access and use of dedicated spaces for dining and any indoor activities and classes for the full duration of the programme. With their well-thought out use of space and the core principle of our programme design to encourage guests to spend time outdoors in nature: moving, learning and growing. Every activity, workshop and class is individually guided and we keep group sizes reasonable to enable the objective of 2M social distancing at all times. Minimising the number of interactions to thoroughly protect the health and safety of our guests, teams and staff. Where social distancing is not possible, a face covering will be required. At present, we are continuing to work with local, regional and national authoritative bodies, adopting policy changes and abiding to regulations set out by the host destination.


Awaken a profound sense of freedom and undisturbed tranquility, truly connecting and discovering as a private group on a Private Retreat. Designed to provide a setting that is both intimate, quiet and private, complete with our signature highly-curated details. A Private Retreat with Balance Holidays follows the same principle as our classic wellbeing retreat programmes but with a personalised approach. Affording utmost privacy away from others.

Held in boutique properties and hotels, centred beside sprawling stretches of nature. On a Private Retreat, Balance Holidays’ guests will have exclusive access to the full property and its facilities. Or, depending on the chosen destination, will be provided with privately reserved indoor spaces for activities, workshops, mealtimes and more to minimise interactions with others. In general, every property is chosen by Balance Holidays following a series of stringent tests and for their expertise in providing a divinely calm, restful and comfortable space for private groups to make moments last longer. Activities, which are primarily held outdoors and remain individually guided by a team of proficient experts, allowing sufficient space for 2M social distancing. In the rare instances this is not possible, a face covering will be required. At present, we continue to work closely with our property partners and experts, heightening awareness of health, hygiene and safety through increased sanitation and deep-cleaning procedures across all points of operation. As well as abiding to and adopting policy changes and regulations set out by local authoritative bodies at every destination. Individual retreat-specific Health, Hygiene and Safety protocols have also been established. Ensuring a safe, authentic and high-quality environment that meets the exacting standards as expected from us.


Paving a new approach to an era of remote working, that also sees travel and wellbeing together in one destination. Impeccably curated with all details fully personalisable to mould around your individual agenda, interests and needs. Indulge in all the authentic aspects of our classic wellbeing retreats, resolutely quiet and discreet, framed by vast, open, natural spaces, that also pairs as a comfortable and unique working environment on a Curated Working experience.

Every property, who are exclusive partners of Balance Holidays are meticulously selected based on a stringent set of standards. Ensure the fundamentals of comfortable, warm-welcoming and generous indoor and outdoor living spaces that also draws distance from the everyday world are promised. Surrounded by the resplendent beauty offered by nature, depending on the chosen experience, the properties will either be solely occupied by Balance Holidays’ guests belonging to the booked experience. Or provided privately reserved spaces, dedicated for the larger parts of work as well as wellbeing activities, classes, mealtimes and more. All exercises and activities, which are most times held in the great outdoors will be individually led by learned experts. Allowing the possibility of 2M social distancing at all times. On the rare occasions this is not feasible, a face covering is mandatory. Hence implementing increased sanitation and cleaning procedures and measures, following the guidelines set out by local, regional and national authorities applicable for the host destination. Experience-specific health and safety protocols have also been established.

Above all, Balance Holidays, our property partners and experts remain wholeheartedly committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our guests, teams and communities. As the situation unfolds, we will continue to closely monitor and adapt our best practices and procedures to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

However, we understand you may have queries, concerns and an increased need for flexibility on existing or future travel arrangements so we will be more than happy to explore these with you and to make suitable arrangements for you. To discuss with a member of our team, please contact us via Email, Telephone, or WhatsApp.