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Balance Holidays is a renowned curator of wellbeing travel experiences, identified for its pioneering programme design to facilitate individuals in restoring and sustaining an authentic way of life.

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Every Balance Holidays experience is rooted in an intention to provide guests with the freedom to focus on personal wellbeing, and enhanced with Balance Holidays' notable care and intuitive service.

Curated with intention

Drawing from the Balance Holidays philosophy: reconnect, learn, restore and sustain. Every aspect intrinsic to the experience is guided by this original, founding intent alone. No detail is overlooked and each individually curated.

Enriching experiences

True to its identity and emphasising exceptionally curated details that are defined by thoughtful care and service. Balance Holidays is a lifestyle helping you to harness your potential and guide you throughout your wellbeing journey.

Sense of belonging

United in a common vision and through the sum of our experiences. Balance Holidays offers the means for a true return to self and to authentically move, learn, grow, and explore, immersed in life’s greatest joys: companionship and candid conversations.

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Meet the founder

Livia Manca

Having always found retreats to be a great source of energy and enrichment, particularly during challenging times, which call for extra care and attention to maintain a healthy life-balance. Livia founded Balance Holidays in 2019 out of frustration for how limited the options were for a retreat that provided service of excellence, knowledge and insights that could be translated into resources for her everyday life. Now, with Balance Holidays, she is looking to inspire others who are curious to begin or continue their wellbeing journey, by introducing an exclusive collection of wellbeing travel experiences. Each held at a fine selection of destinations favoured by spatial, natural settings and committed to eco-sustainability. Which at the same time provide insightful lessons and know-how to incorporate into the day-to-day for continued authentic and purposeful living.

Livia Manca di Villahermosa
Livia Manca di Villahermosa

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