Authentic Wellbeing Retreats

Disconnect, restore and discover the tools to support your everyday wellbeing on a carefully curated retreat, designed just for you.

Honest, Caring and Knowledgeable 

Our team of knowledgeable experts paired with an intimate group size offers a high-quality learning environment, suitable for all levels.

Share The Moment

Come together to create memories, exchange ideas and cultivate lasting relationships with one another that go beyond each retreat.

At Balance Holidays, we take a multifaceted approach to your wellbeing

Our fixed date retreats bring a tranquil, natural environment with specialised practices, outdoor activities and cuisines informed by the local land. The idea is to provide undisturbed time and space for you to connect with yourself and others and return to a true state of being



- Every retreat in our collection is all-inclusive and designed with exceptional attention to detail from the ground up. A diverse selection of nature-based activities, workshops, classes and nutrition, field-to-fork meals result in a unique and authentic experience to effectively support your wellbeing.

- Our team of experts are each carefully chosen and respected in their fields , guiding you towards your individual goals with their extensive knowledge and specialised skills.

- Underpinned by eco-friendly and socially responsible values, each property is sophisticated and intimate, and an exclusive partner of Balance Holidays. Hand-selected and circled in expansive and untouched, natural beauty and tranquility.


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