Walking and Activity Retreats

A collection of walking and activity retreats in the world's most scenic locations

Break free from the daily routine and explore new depths of the outdoors on a walking and activity retreat. Designed for those who are seeking a change of environment to disconnect and have a digital detox, activities include hiking up mountains and bike trails around countryside meadows and botanic gardens.

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Walking and Activity Retreats in quiet and peaceful locations to refresh the body and mind through a variety of techniques...

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
11th Sep 2019 - 15th Sep 2019


£2008 pp

Italy > Puglia

Invigorating Retreat at Centennial Farm House

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£2489 pp

Italy > South Tyrol

Reconnect with Nature at Luxury Mountain Retreat

available between -
22nd Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019


£1107 pp

Italy > Sicily

Grounding Retreat at Sicilian Historical Manor Farm

available between -
21st May 2020 - 25th May 2020


£1346 pp

Why a walking and activity retreat may suit you?

Designed to grasp in the greatness of the outdoors, walking and activity retreats feature activities such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and others. Amble across plush hilltops or head further afield around traditional estate grounds and gardens to let nature heal the spiritual mind and physical body.

It is a healthy approach to restoring a psychophysical balance and for regaining composure and clarity. Autonomy is a form of comfort yet breaking free can seem impossible, causing cloudy thoughts, loss of direction and conflicted emotions. This is why programmes for walking and activity retreats are focused on activities spent with nature as it has a natural healing power to calm the mind and release the physical body from taut tensions and foreign feelings.

Types of walking and activity retreats

Yoga Retreats

Take a weekend break to rejuvenate the mind and body and to improve your yoga practice on a yoga retreat. Held in the stunning natural landscapes in a tucked away countryside corner or a traditional terracotta-tiled townhouse, a yoga retreat is not only ideal for those wishing to improve their handstand or challenge a new twist. It is also a great option for those who have been wanting to give yoga a trying hand or  for those wanting to try something new. Feel transformed, refreshed and revitalised at the end of each programme.

Island Retreats

Escape the city to rediscover the beauty of nature on an Island retreat. Soft, golden sand, jewel-blue waves crashing against craggy coastal cliffs , take a solo stroll along the beach to let the natural soothing sensations of water cleanse the mind and soul before engaging in energising workouts and activities to strengthen and improve the physical body. For those looking to combine relaxation and health and fitness, choose an activity retreat held at an idyllic destination.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a walking and activity retreat?

Beginning your wellness journey with Balance Holidays not only provides the opportunity to improve the management of mood fluctuations, tackle stress and restored psychophysical balance, it will also become an unforgettable experience as the destination and location of each retreat is an experience like no other. Held in some of the world’s most exclusive resorts and destinations, the aim at Balance Holidays is to provide guests with the essential tools to cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living. We also understand each individual has individual needs which is why each and every wellbeing programme is hand-selected and carefully considered by us to ensure each need is fulfilled and expectations surpassed.

From different styles of yoga practice to cooking classes with a local chef and breathing exercises, each programme incorporates cultural elements from the local region to provide a unique experience that stretches beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered just for you.

Through personal experience and understanding of the confusion around the wellness retreats industry, the team at Balance Holidays sets out to inspire others on their individual wellness journey. We offer a highly personalised and unique service by being readily available to answer questions, offer advice and guidance regarding our wellness programmes and most importantly, reassurance throughout each stage of booking to completing your retreat.