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How to Beat the January Blues and Keep Up Your Momentum

Do you feel rather down and dejected as soon as January rolls around? If so,…

19th January 2019


How to unplug from work on vacation

It is an unfortunate fact that many of us suffer from undue amounts of stress…

15th January 2019


Loneliness vs. being alone: learning and spotting the difference

Loneliness and being alone – two states of being that seem related but are actually…

14th January 2019


Wellness travel trends to know in 2019

Wellness travel trends in 2019 are expected to be more bespoke and creative to previous…

21st December 2018


8 Yoga poses for Insomnia to be used at home

While these may sound like excellent long-term solutions, you’re probably in need of a consistent…

4th November 2018