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There is no question that we live in a society that puts a great deal of pressure on females. Social media, popular culture, and gender stereotypes all play a part in painting an unrealistic image of perfection. Fortunately, women across the world are fighting back, restoring self-esteem and redefining what it means to be female. By learning how to channel and confront positive and negative thoughts and emotions, some individuals use Kundalini yoga as a way to help them take a moment from their busy schedules. For those who may be struggling to find emotional balance, be it contributed to societal pressure or the natural hormonal changes of the body, Kundalini yoga may help some individuals to identify these problems.
Kundalini yoga is said to be able to deliver a range of benefits for women across a wide age-range and known as an ancient practice. Both amateur and veteran yogis adopt Kundalini yoga to transform the dynamic of life, channel positive energy, stimulate the full potential within themselves, and, most importantly, celebrate womanhood. As reported by individuals who have undertaken Kundalini yoga classes, the effects are felt after only a few classes. Below, we explore the benefits this yoga practise exhibits for women.

Please be aware that Kundalini yoga is not and cannot be a substitute for serious medical conditions. Please seek appropriate medical help where necessary.


Kundalini in Hinduism refers to stored energy located at the base of the spine. Kundalini yoga is a meditational art, used to improve consciousness to awaken the Kundalini energy through activating energy centres named ‘Chakras.’ To achieve a balance in the Chakras, Kundalini yoga consists of mixing breathing exercises, chanting mantras, postures and gestures. When carried out correctly through directed exercise combinations, students of Kundalini yoga note becoming aware of the flow of energy inside and outside of the body, awakening the Chakras to heal. This powerful flow and redirection of energy within the body can be felt along the spine to reach the top of the head, achieving a state of consciousness.

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Advice published by the NHS discusses how polluting our bodies with junk food and artificial chemicals in the form of additives and flavourings can lead to detrimental health problems. However, another form of pollution coexists in the way of negative thoughts and emotions, according to Sennett Richard in his book: The uses of disorder: personal identity and city life. In his analysis, losing a sense of self and personal identity is a stifling crisis. It is experienced by many modern-day city workers who feel they are frozen in place and time, unsure where to go and what to do next. If you feel synonymous to the above, then consider Kundalini yoga. Those who have turned to Kundalini Yoga have reported increased consciousness, which has helped connect with intuition, improving decision-making and the removal of negative thoughts, which can sometimes distract us from the small joys of life.



According to avid yogis, Kundalini Yoga can help to achieve a certain level of balance and personal healing. This practice allows confrontation of both positive and negative thoughts, as well as unfamiliar emotions. Teaching users to embrace these thoughts and emotions, and develop a neutral zone for processing before reacting, is a key benefit of Kundalini Yoga. Emotions and thoughts are a part of us; however, they can lead us to behave irrationally.

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Being desired and appreciated can be addictive. Personal satisfaction, self-worth and self-care are key components to living and enjoying life. As previously mentioned, Kundalini yoga draws us to confront our true selves, facing pre-existing fears, insecurities and doubt. Engaging in this practice will help certain individuals detach from negative thoughts and regain self-control of their emotions, which, in turn, leads to a restored sense of self-worth. Confidence comes from within, and until we are able to explore the inner-love and personal enlightenment truly, it can lead to a limitation on personal happiness and welfare, inhibiting success and dreams.

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