Retreats in Italy

Entrenched in passion, vibrant aromas and layers of culture, art and history, discover Italy on a life-enhancing retreat..

Encircled in undisturbed rural beauty and battle wounds speaking stories of its pastime, retreats in Italy are an escape to the realms of the extraordinary. The only distractions here will be the light airy spaces, myriad of fruity fragrances and panoramic views of sea and sky.

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Explore Italy, the country of cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, excellent wine and food delicacies

Welcome to Italy

Choosing a retreat in Italy incorporates the inescapable good weather and a buzzing welcome from the people, food and pristine landscapes. Tucked away in a cosy countryside corner, certain parts of Italy have now become historically preserved grounds, with some dating as far back as the 14th century. Now a gentrified architectural landscape, many countryside estate homes are luxury villa resorts, offering guest the space to relax and disconnect. Whether the aim is to get away from the city to be at one with nature, improve posture or reboot the mind and body, retreats hosted in Italy can answer these calls and leave an imprint in your heart.

Why a retreat in Italy?

Sessions of yoga, meditation and additional activities are held in the company of others amongst hazy floral gardens and mountainous verdant slopes where the only distraction will be spreads of natural landscape and nearby medieval landmarks. Cooking and offering good food to the body is an uncompromising rule to the Italians. Therefore the sourcing and use of ingredients in each dish is heavily emphasised. Each meal is prepared daily using traditional culinary concepts with home-grown ingredients from the garden farms.