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At a time of environmental uncertainty and change, we must come together as humans to discover solutions and new ways of life. Awareness of the environment and, in extension, sustainability is growing across the globe, and now more than ever before, we possess the tools and knowledge to make positive change. Such a step does not necessarily mean you have to compromise on convenience and comfort or give up the things you love, such as travel. Our friends over at anemone and basilic share this ethos. We’ve taken some time to talk to them for some of their top tips for living sustainably, as well as how you can make more eco-friendly travel choices.

wooden eco friendly bathroom products

What inspired you to launch the company anemone and basilic?

Last year we had the desire to create something, and we realised that we were sharing the same interest in reducing our waste and exploring new concepts. We struggled to find items that matched our tastes on the same platform and thought it would be nice to offer it to others.

This was when the idea of anemone and basilic was born: to launch an e-shop offering chic handmade eco-friendly products for people who have chosen a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, but without compromising on style and beauty.

What is it that makes your products sustainable?

All of our products tick at least one (but often more) of the following boxes: they help reduce plastic, are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable, organic or made of sustainably sourced materials. Because we want our products to last, we are very careful about what we select, making sure that the quality is of the highest standard.

What would be your advice to someone who is thinking about starting to make eco-conscious choices at home without compromising with style?

We would invite that person to visit our website since elegant and stylish eco-conscious options are precisely what we want to offer to our customers. We want our products to be timeless and match with each other. We, therefore, tend to go for neutral colours, and simple patterns and designs. Also, the fact that everything is handcrafted by small businesses adds that little “je ne sais quoi” that makes all the difference.

pink flower in the palm of hand

Lots of people are now more conscious of the plastic in the products they use. What is the next plastic-free product you would like to see in our homes?

We discovered an amazing product that we would love to see people use more and more: our solid dish soap.
It is very easy to use, smells delicious and to make it easy for our customers; we will be offering in September a handmade ceramic bowl that has been created specially for it. Complemented by our wooden dish brush, those three products are the perfect plastic-free alternative for your everyday washing up.

All of your products are beautifully handmade, do you think there is a link between the products we use and our wellbeing?

Absolutely! Everything that pleases the senses, whether it is a soft fabric, a beautiful object, a delicate scent or rich lather, contributes to one’s wellbeing. On a deeper level, what a fantastic feeling to know that the products we use are not only good for us and the planet but also support the work of talented and passionate individuals who truly care for the planet.

reusable beeswax food wrap

We at Balance Holidays have our own definition of eco-luxury travel and sustainable retreats. Do you try to travel sustainably? If so, what are your top tips for our readers, and what is your definition of being an eco-conscious traveller?

Yes definitely! Being eco-conscious shouldn’t stop when you travel. Why leave good habits at home?

Our top tips would be to prepare an eco-friendly kit by packing your favourite soap bar and solid shampoo in order to avoid using the plastic samples that can still be found in so many hotels. If you are a coffee lover, take your travel mug, and why not your produce bags that you can use to carry souvenirs or as your laundry bag.

During your stay, don’t forget to hang your towels up if they don’t need to be washed, turn off the air conditioning as much as possible and eat local food.

At Balance Holidays, sustainability is close to our hearts. We assess the environmental practices of all of our retreat locations to ensure high levels of sustainability and environmental care. Our environmentally friendly retreats are handcrafted by us to allow you to experience nature and enjoy your retreat safe in the knowledge that the utmost has been done. Do you have any tips on how to be more sustainable? We’d love to hear them! Please let us know in the comments.