Eco-Luxury Travel



Being a member of a global community, we believe we have a responsibility in engaging in environmentally friendly business practices. By integrating this value into each travel experience we design and offer, we are committed to the agenda set out in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We continue to encourage and support stakeholders, business partners and our guests to travel and explore responsibly in a pledge to minimise the negative impacts caused by global tourism on our planet.


Where reducing resource consumption and respecting each other are integral in the world we live in, we only partner with hotels and resorts who share the same socially and environmentally responsible values and commitment as Balance Holidays.

During our selection process, we undergo a series of pre-on-boarding checks and assessments to ensure our partners are not only signatures of expertise, luxury and excellence. But also an active participant in embodying the principles of sustainability through their business practices. A few of the many areas we focus on include, ingredient sourcing, growing native flora, energy efficiency efforts and water conservation.

By working with properties whose sentiments align with ours, we hope to create a network that works together to propel the movement and industry forward, turning a shared, long-term vision into a reality of betterment.


One of our core pillars is to promote and facilitate personal growth and development. Through attending one of our retreats, we hope guests feel good and find inspiration from hotels and resorts to adopt eco-conscious living habits and behaviours at home.


We are strong advocates of female talent and diversity and aim to build and develop an exemplary work environment offering care and encouragement. We prioritise the physical and mental wellbeing of our team and focus on results achieved rather than number of hours worked, adapting to the modern flexi-working approach. For the days the team must group in our London headquarters, yoga and meditation are offered. Realising potential and unleashing new, creative avenues through training, workshops and courses are also encouraged, as we believe in investing into the people who invest into Balance Holidays. 

Why is it important? 

Today, as researchers identify and confirm the consequences of our lifestyle and habit choices, concerns over the deteriorating health of Earth takes precedence. Individual, small changes may seem insignificant in contrast to the scale of the issue, yet combined each act can come together to become a positive force of change. By choosing to act now, we can reduce the irreversible damage on our environment and our communities through the choices we make.

Balance Holidays has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, by Positive Luxury for a company-wide commitment to sustainability. Positive Luxury connects mindful luxury brands with a global audience of consumers that care. The interactive Butterfly Mark showcases a company’s positive actions towards people and the planet.