Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Retreats

A collection of Eco-Friendly & Sustainable retreats offering activities, yoga and meditation for stress reduction and improved health and wellbeing in destinations around Europe.

For a long time, sustainable retreats have been mistaken for being synonymous to extreme deprivation, teamed with a lack of luxury and ill-equipped accommodation. With an increasing concern towards the detrimental impacts of commercial travelling on the environment, this has prompted an increased preference for eco-sustainable travel. Sustainable retreats are the newfound option satisfying eco-sustainable travel without removing components of luxury living or watering down the host of health benefits.

Our next eco-friendly retreats...

body and mind

France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat

available between -
29th Aug 2019 - 30th Aug 2020


£1507 pp

Italy > Tuscany

Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

available between -
12th Jun 2019 - 08th Sep 2019


£1853 pp

Italy > South Tyrol

Reconnect with Nature at Luxury Mountain Retreat

available between -
22nd Aug 2019 - 25th Aug 2019


£2001 pp

Italy > Sicily

Grounding Retreat at Sicilian Historical Manor Farm

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£1346 pp

What are sustainable retreats?

A sustainable retreat is travelling to embark on a journey of wellness while taking into consideration the wellness of the natural environment. From eco-friendly accommodation to ingredient sourcing for each meal, sustainable retreats are conceptualised with the natural settings in mind.

Efforts in place aim to minimise disturbance and interruption to the local environment without removing key aspects to an immersive and delightful experience. With unbound opportunities for close contact with nature, a sustainable retreat is adored by the active bodies and busybodies looking for a getaway to restore Zen and inner-peace.

Why a sustainable retreat may suit you?

When time is a concern, it can dim motivation and life’s little joys. Learn to uplift spirits and unfold conflicting emotions to feel closer to true self, purpose goals and dreams in the absence of city clamour and a heavy conscience on a sustainable retreat. Not only is our goal to help individuals cultivate and maintain balanced wellbeing after each retreat but to also adopt a sense of mindfulness towards Mother Nature.

We ensure each retreat in our collection meets eco-sustainability standards without reducing principles of luxury, thrill and transformation. Measures put in place include insulated glass window and doorframes, garden/farm to table ingredients, water efficient shower-heads and non-chemical fertilizers.

Feel relief from the duties and responsibilities at home, immersed in spectacular scenery. Nature carries a host of natural healing powers and health virtues for the mind, body and spirit. Being placed at the fringes of a hilltop cottage or the refined spaces of a countryside estate, re-establish a connection with nature to feel invigorated and nurtured without abandoning the comforts of modern living on a sustainable retreat.

Types of sustainable retreats:

Yoga Retreats

Learn to stop and pause for a short moment by going on a yoga retreat. A practice carrying benefits for cultivating and restoring life-balance as well as ridding tensions, aches and pains from the body, realign the mind, body and spirit through yoga. Yoga retreats at Balance Holidays are suitable for all ability levels, especially those wishing to give yoga a trying hand. Embrace the stunning outdoors stretching and raising your arms high into the air, challenging the mind and body with a new pose. Yoga retreats are an ideal option for breaking free from the constrictive cycle of daily life to feel transformed and revitalised.

Walking and Activity Retreats

Take a break away from the endless to-do lists and domestic responsibilities on a Walking and Activity retreat. Divert the focus and attention onto stimulating workout routines and outdoor activities with a diverse range of options to suit personal interests and preferences. Unfurl the invigorating sensations of working up a sweat, connecting with the stunning outdoors as each activity slowly activates spiritual and mental awakening. Experience a clearer mind to determine the pathway to achieving and fulfilling personal goals and desires as you realign with your true self. From horseback riding to biking and excursion tours, ambling across historical and cultural sites, free the mind and heal the body exploring the great outdoors.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a sustainable retreat?

Travelling and exploring a new destination is a fulfilling pleasure. Drawing in spots of rest and relaxation, away from the inevitable challenges of life can unveil improvements in personal wellbeing and a shift in perspectives. However, achieving balanced wellbeing through a wellness retreat does not always match the level of consideration travel has towards nature and Earth.

At Balance Holidays, we make a conscious effort to not only provide you with unique experiences at exclusive destinations around the world. By beginning your wellness journey with Balance Holidays on a sustainable retreat, discover how to manage mood fluctuations, tackle stress and restore psychophysical balance without heavy guilt. We partner with those who are boosting their sustainability efforts to provide guests with an eco-friendly stay.

The details of each retreat is carefully considered and designed to provide the essential tools to facilitate the above objectives. Without forsaking the luxuries of modern living, each trip will be life enhancing and an unforgettable experience with eco-friendly measures in place.

Learn to cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, healthy living and mindfulness at home through yoga practices and physical activities to culinary delight using ingredients sourced from the home-grown or local gardens.

The team at Balance Holidays is determined to be a source of inspiration to others throughout their wellness journey. Our personalised and attentive customer service care is in place to ensure each question is answered and advice offered to provide reassurance and guide guests through each stage of booking.