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For some, looking after their emotional health is an important part of their overall health and wellbeing. It is easy to overlook the smaller, but essential details your body and mind required to stay at ease in a hectic day to day schedule. A mindfulness retreat offers dedicated time to learn about your body and mind and to discover the attention required to allow yourself to be your most productive and creative. By experiencing a bespoke mindfulness retreat, you are investing in your wellbeing and opening yourself to the opportunity to re-balance while experiencing stunning destinations. In this journal entry, we look at what to expect when taking part in a mindfulness retreat. For those who would like to gain further insight into mindfulness, our journal on Inspirational Teachers on Mindfulness can provide background information.

Allocated Time to Yourself

First and foremost, a mindfulness retreat allows you to give time to yourself. A retreat should be a relaxing space for you to feel safe and focus on what is going on within as well as around. Our bespoke retreats are limited to 12 attendees, which successfully creates a secure atmosphere where like-minded individuals can meet in an intimate setting, without feeling overwhelmed.

Tailored Programmes

Mindfulness retreats should be tailored to each individual. Each person is programmed differently and therefore, ambitions and goals in life will vary too. Therefore the same applies to the mindfulness experience. Our experiences offer careful attention to all details. Retreat programmes include mindfulness not only in the form of meditation and yoga but also with a range of exhilarating outdoor activities from E-bike mountain tours to organic cooking classes.

Yoga Practises

As yoga focuses much on breathing, yoga practice can double up as a mindfulness tool. The type of yoga you practise will depend on which retreat you choose. Types of yoga you may like to experience may include Jivamukti, Yin Yoga, Odaka Flow Yoga or Jiriki.

A Selection of Breath-Taking Settings

The setting of a mindfulness retreat is the fundamental element of the experience. A retreat which requires focus and calm should not be set in destinations where distractions, such as noise can develop. Beautiful landscapes of the location is an integral part of our retreats, combined with unique properties, which come together to create an unforgettable experience. Whether you require a breath a fresh, salty air by the Sicilian coast or the welcoming breeze of the Swiss Alpine countryside, ensure to select a location which truly speaks to you.

A blue and orange sunset over mountains.

An Introduction into Eco- Sustainability

For many travellers, this aspect is becoming an integral and non-negotiable factor during their search for new experiences. While turning the attention to yourself, awareness of your impact on your surroundings and Mother Nature may begin to develop. Being environmentally conscious is an essential condition of our retreats, and by providing an experience that demonstrates the ease and successful aspects of eco-sustainability while maintaining a luxurious experience, it is the hope that these practices will be absorbed and continued once the retreat has completed.

A purple water droplet causing a ripple.

The Opportunity to Try New Classes and Experiences

While you are discovering about yourself, it is also important to break away and try new activities. Many of our retreats include other experiences such as cooking classes, mountain bike excursion, horse-riding and a creative painting workshop.

Fresh Food

Nourishing your body with fresh, wholesome food and taking care of what your body is absorbing contributes to the mindfulness journey. The properties we partner with grow and nurture ingredients in an organic process with the absence of fertilisers and pesticides. Traditional cooking concepts belonging to the local region are used to create fresh dishes.

Balance Holidays are dedicated to creating a tailored mindfulness experience. Our bespoke locations can be found throughout Europe, including yoga retreats in Puglia, Tuscany and Sicily. Our expert teachers are devoted to passing forward their knowledge, ensuring you can take all your new-found understanding home.