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A collection of the best wellbeing retreats in the region of unusual landscapes and crystalline waters of Adriatic and Ionian seas...

Relearn the art and beauty of enjoying time alone on a retreat in Puglia. Staying true to the Apulian style of life and traditions, indulge in spots of health-enhancing treatments and yoga workshops with the idyllic settings in this discreet region of Italy. Complete with sand and sea at the doorstep, take the opportunity to relax and explore.

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Reconnect in the destination where the locally source food takes the center stage ...

Italy > Puglia

Invigorating Retreat at Centennial Farm House

available between -
09th Oct 2019 - 13th Oct 2019


£2489 pp

Italy > Puglia

Restoring Harmony Fig Farm Estate Retreat

available between -
22nd Apr 2020 - 20th Sep 2020


£1600 pp

With the warm azure sea and golden halcyon sand at your footsteps every morning and abundant sunshine beaming across the manicured lawn, feel released from the daily distractions back home and dive into the welcoming surroundings of Puglia.

Situated at the heel of Italy’s boot in the South and a coastline longer than any region in Italy, Puglia is renowned for being an escape from the ordinary, into the unimaginable with its calm, jewel-blue sea, traditional white-stoned homes, craggy sculpted cliffs and richness of simplicity. The beauty of Puglia lies within the naturally relaxed tempo of everyday life and is a concept adapted into the practices of Yoga, meditation and breathing sessions in every programme held in Puglia.

At each turn and every alleyway, there is a scent and aroma of the Puglian pastime that once contained the Greek and Romans. Now a heavily preserved region of Italy, Puglia opens its doors to fulfil a wellbeing enthusiast’s thirst for an exquisite and exclusive landmark to indulge in relaxation, disconnection and to foster an affinity with nature in its raw and authentic element.

The life-changing experience begins at the steel black gates, expanding wide to the olive and citrus grove farm estate where restored Zen and spiritual tranquillity is felt at an instant. Aghast in awe and curiosity, hire a bike or take a stroll to explore the local medieval grounds further, peeling away the initial veneer of preserved beauty to discover a whole other story behind each brick and stone.

Meals will be prepared each day using freshly sourced ingredients from the home-grown garden farms, incorporating traditional Puglian culinary concepts to offer divine dishes to feed and reenergise the body. Discover the beauty that lies within Puglia on an eye-opening experience that will leave an imprint in your heart at the very first breath.

Why a retreat in Puglia?

A retreat and a holiday are often confused as being one of the same and although their definition is relatively similar to each other, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, each are approached differently and achieve different results. To be more specific, a retreat is an immersive and unique experience in exclusive destinations such as Puglia in Italy with a life-enhancing programme to offer the essential tools for individuals wishing to choreograph a new journey of physical, spiritual and mental balance during and after the programme all the while being away from the comfort of home and stresses of everyday life.


To decide the most suitable programme and destination, the individual must first establish the goals of attending a wellbeing retreat. For an example, if indulging in spots of pampering and relaxing by a lagoon inspired swimming pool with the soothing crashing waves of the ocean in the background is the idea in mind to disconnect and rejuvenate, a retreat in Puglia should be the prime option. Each programme is carefully curated, consisting of yoga sessions, meditation and breathing exercises to help individuals fulfil their specific needs.

Each wellness retreat is a new opportunity to be immersed in an unforgettable experience to ascertain benefits of redefined purpose and inner-clarity, redefined spiritual awakening as well as physical rejuvenation. Discover the art and science of Yoga and choose a wellness retreat in Puglia to enjoy a new balanced lifestyle.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a yoga retreat?

A journey chosen with Balance Holidays carries life-changing experiences and benefits for an example, programmes held at some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious resort and hotel destinations to offer guests with the essential tools to choreograph their balanced lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living during and after each retreat. At Balance Holidays, our wellness retreats collection is hand-selected by us to ensure the needs of individuals are met and surpass their expectations. Each programme integrates elements of the local traditions and cultures to provide an inescapable experience that stretch beyond the realms of ordinary, just for you.

Book with us?

At Balance Holidays, our philosophy draws from first-handed, personal experience and understanding of the confusion around the wellbeing retreats market which is Livia, the co-founder of Balance Holidays sets out to inspire others with her individual wellbeing journey by being readily available to speak to, to offer advise and reassurance, making bookings with Balance Holidays a seamless, highly personalised and unique service.

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