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Being aware of, and attentive to, yourself is the basis of yoga. A yoga retreat's emphasis is to encourage you to do this and use it as a life skill. Instead of planning all the holiday activities and sights you will be seeing, a yoga retreat asks you to learn about yourself within a serene and natural setting. It may entail more attention than an average holiday, but with the focus of stepping back and listening to yourself accurately.

Time to Invest in Yourself

It can be regarded as a clean break from the standard patterns of life. Instead of reacting to emails, calls and social media notifications, you will be responding to your body's demands. And, the aim of a good retreat, is to equip you with the tools to continue your life with these new understandings.

Having an Aim

The retreat you decide to go to will depend on what you would like to achieve by the end of it. For example, if you wanted to experience yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness, a meditation retreat may be suitable. However, if you wish to acquire more advanced practice techniques by the end of your short break, an intensive retreat would be the most appropriate option. If luxury is what you are looking for, a retreat offering resort and spa treatments would be ideal. A detox retreat is another option if you would like to focus on breaking free from the digital demands of today and indulging in gourmet field-to-fork cuisine alongside gentle yoga practice. Browse through our yoga retreat holidays for further insight into the types of retreats available.

Woman doing yoga pose in sunset.

Experiencing Expert Yoga Classes

Attending a yoga retreat will no doubt involve a few yoga classes. It will give you the chance to improve your ability beyond what you could when attending a weekly yoga class. This is because a retreat gives you the opportunity to focus without the usual distractions of daily life. All yoga and meditation classes at Balance Holidays are taught by a qualified and experienced yoga instructor.

A Healthy Focus on Nutrition

Expect to be influenced by the healthy, non-processed food during your stay. All our yoga retreats provide the full package and include if not home-grown then locally sourced organic produce. The menu will incorporate traditional recipes to not only nourish the body but also educate guests on how to eat healthily at home with ease.

Road leading into misty mountain scene.

Embracing the New

Not only will you be learning innovative yoga techniques, but you will immerse yourself in a new location, people and routine. You will have the opportunity to explore the tranquil surroundings undisturbed. Depending on the yoga retreat itself, and its location, many retreats provide additional leisure activities for you to enjoy in between yoga sessions. Whether it be a hike, spa treatment or horse riding, there are plenty of opportunities to experience something more.

Relaxing Surroundings and a Safe Space

If you take a look through yoga retreat holidays, you will notice that a defining feature is the beautiful location. Surrounded by lush, natural landscapes, yoga retreats are set in these stunning surroundings with a purpose. The connection to nature is essential in yoga, and is considered a support to feeling alleviated.

Misty sunset scene with mountain in distance.

Sharing Memories with Like-Minded People

A yoga retreat is a great idea for a solo trip. It may seem like an unnerving idea, but it has become increasingly popular over the years. People attend for multiple reasons but with the same goal in mind- to find inner peace, answers to their questions and to will bond with others over the experience. It is a learning experience and a way for you to connect with yourself and others who want to utilise their new awareness.

A Taster into Eco Sustainability

An inspiring aspect of many yoga retreats is the focus on eco- friendly living. Such as, choosing ingredients from independent farmers from local neighbourhoods, implementing renewable energy efforts and using biodegradable materials. It casts a fresh perspective into what is possible to achieve sustainable living, while maintaining comfort.

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