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The notion of a sound bath is one that stems from ancient healing practices, used by many cultures throughout history to create a deeply meditative experience to promote realignment. In modern times, as we recognise the powers of meditation, sound bathing has risen in the ranks as part of the practices of the mindfulness movement. So much so in fact, that the year of 2020 sees Balance Holidays roll out its first sound bathing retreat, an immersive experience of sound and vibration, deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps. For those looking to explore sound healing further, here we introduce the basics and the benefits.

golden sound bowls with sticks on a bench

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath involves the use of instruments such as drums, crystal bowls and tuning forks, to create beautiful sounds and vibrations. The effect it creates is a profoundly meditative experience that allows a person to explore their mind and spirit in a calming way. It works because the entire universe is composed of vibrations, all parts of which, including our cells and organs, vibrate at a different frequency. The vast range of sounds and vibrations created in a sound bath, provide a variety of frequencies for the body to experience.

What Happens in a Sound Bath?

While the instruments and sessions vary, every sound bathing experience is curated to allow the individuals to explore and release their emotions. Each session starts by lying comfortably on mats; you can use pillows and blankets if you wish, drawing yourself to the present by focusing on how your body and mind feels. The person creating the sounds will slowly begin the experience, creating layers of sound and vibrations that build and wane. It is not unusual for individuals to experience an intense release of emotions during this time, which can manifest in tears or laughter.

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The practice is said to have a wide range of benefits, which may vary from person to person.

Promote Deep Relaxation

Many people find sound baths a deeply calming and relaxing practice. An additional benefit realised in an article by Science Daily states that relaxation response can reduce blood pressure, if blood pressure remains high for an extended period of time, it can cause stress-related issues and heart problems.

Sound Baths are a Powerful Meditative Tool

Meditation can be an incredible way for one to explore emotions, become more present and feel more in control. A sound bath can create a state of deep meditation which can be beneficial for both those looking to take their meditation one step further and also those who struggle to switch off completely. Meditation is said to have a wide range of benefits with the National Sleep Foundation recommending it to promote healthy sleeping habits and to treat insomnia.

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Each Experience is Unique

Each sound bathing experience will create different levels and waves of sound and vibrations, resulting in each experience being unique. What’s more, as your self-awareness grows, each session will generate a new mix of feelings and emotions.

Refresh the Body and Mind

In a time where it can feel as though we are caught up on the treadmill of life, sound bathing can provide a refreshing, happy outlook which can help you to feel more motivated and rejuvenated. Taking regular time for yourself is an important act of self-care, you can explore the importance of self-care in our journal.

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