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A collection of the best wellbeing retreats in the country of romance, nature and cultural experiences

For those in search of a quick and short weekend break to clear the mind from the intensity of life, a retreat in France is only a stone’s throw away. Eccentric with a pulse of romance and mystic charm, France is a popular destination for a quick getaway to engage in light and fun-filled activities, workshops and classes.

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France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat

available between -
29th Aug 2019 - 30th Aug 2020


£1507 pp

France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat

available between -
09th Apr 2020 - 13th Apr 2020


£1940 pp

Retreats in France may sometimes be overlooked as a possible retreats destination however it is a great choice, close to home with advanced modes of transport to allow a seamless crossing of borders, through the city and into an oasis of calm.

For those who are seeking an impromptu break from the city for the upcoming weekend without wanting to travel too far, consider France to indulge in peaceful pamper sessions overlooking the great outdoors with a retreat in France.

France, a destination flourishing in romance and renaissance art and culture also serves home to pristine rural countryside grounds and whimsical woodlands. Approximately two hours away from London on an international train service, France is simply a stretch away, ideal for those wishing to take a short and simple retreat from the city for the weekend or a couple of days. With the magical settings nature has to offer, abuzz with life, choose a wellbeing retreat in France for a hassle-free getaway and life-enhancing experiences.

Restore Zen embracing the authentic French outdoors with a range of yoga and meditation classes hosted by teachers specialising in their holistic fields. At the end of each session, enjoy a sound night’s sleep surrounded and lulled by the soothing sounds of nature and renewed psychophysical balance. The French are typically praised for their effortlessly calm and serene way of life, which forms the parameters and living organisms of the wellbeing programmes in France. Offering guests to experience life-changing treatments and classes, Vinyasa Flow yoga, biochemically treated swimming pool facilities to organic cooking classes, at the end of the retreat, guests will achieve improved physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing, armed with the essential tools to upkeep a balanced lifestyle.

For those looking for a fully immersive detox retreat programme, as the French wellbeing retreats will be hosted amongst the wonderful woodlands and laurel forests where the only distraction is the chirping morning birds and tree leaves whistling with the wind, France is a destination for consideration. In addition, guests will also discover the opportunity to experience beautifying spa and massage treatments to indulge in utmost relaxation and detachment from distractions back home. Sourcing mineral water from the French Alps and fresh ingredients from home-grown garden farms, each meal is carefully considered and carries a traditional taste of France.

For the curious individuals, take a hike along the soft soil ground to explore the woodlands and forest greenery, untouched by time. Lose yourself in a maze of thoughts and wonder for a spiritual awakening on a weekend of reduced stress and clarity of purpose in the French outdoors as never experienced before.

Why a retreat in France?

Often misconstrued as two items the same and although the definition of a retreat and a holiday also share a similar definition, taking time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and the results vary for each. The definition of a retreat is an immersive and unique experience away from the comfort of home and stresses of everyday life with a sole aim to achieve realignment of physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. To achieve a new degree of personal realignment and balance, individuals firstly choose the destination of the retreat, for an example a retreat in France spent in a wooden cabin, perched on wooden stilts in a lagoon to focus on yoga, meditation and breathing exercises outdoors.

Every retreat in a new destination is a new opportunity to relish in an unforgettable experience to ascertain spiritual awakening, physical rejuvenation and redefined purpose and inner-clarity through the offerings of tranquillity and serenity from the natural landscapes of the French outdoors, untouched by time. Choose a yoga retreat and programme to suit your own individualistic needs to choreograph your path of balance

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Choosing your balance journey with Balance Holidays not only means restored life-balance and wellbeing at exclusive resort and hotel destinations but also an unforgettable experience of restored zeal and Zen. The aim is to provide the essential tools to help individuals leaning how to cultivate and maintain a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle of self-care, mindfulness and healthy living which is why the collection of wellbeing retreats at Balanced Holidays is hand-selected by us to suit individual needs. We understand not one body, mind or soul is the same so we make sure to provide retreat programmes to align with your needs and expectations.

Every programme carries components of the local culture and traditions to offer an experience that stretches beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered just for you by Balance Holidays.

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At Balance Holidays, our philosophy draws from first-handed, personal experience and understanding of the confusion around the wellbeing retreats market which is why the team at Balance Holidays sets out to inspire others with their individual wellbeing journey by being readily available to speak to, to offer advise and reassurance, making bookings with Balance Holidays a seamless, highly personalised and unique service.

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