Retreats in France

A collection of the best wellbeing retreats in the country of romance, nature and cultural experiences

For those in search of a quick and short weekend break to clear the mind from the intensity of life, a retreat in France is only a stone’s throw away. Eccentric with a pulse of romance and mystic charm, France is a popular destination for a quick getaway to engage in light and fun-filled activities, workshops and classes.

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Relax and reconnect with the natural symphonies of nature

France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat in September

available between & ongoing -
23rd Sep 2020 - 27th Sep 2020


£2760 pp

France > Paris Region

Forest Bathing Tree House Retreat in October

available between & ongoing -
15th Oct 2020 - 18th Oct 2020


£2280 pp

France > Paris Region

Creativity & Forest Bathing Family Retreat

available between & ongoing -
08th Apr 2021 - 11th Apr 2021


£1752 pp

Welcome to France

For those who are seeking an impromptu break from the city without wanting to travel too far, consider a retreat in France. A destination flourishing in romance,  renaissance art and culture it also serves home to pristine rural countryside grounds and whimsical woodlands. Approximately two hours away from London on an international train service, France is simply a stretch away. The French are typically praised for their effortlessly calm and serene way of life, which forms the parameters of the each programme held in France. Offering guests the opportunity to experience various treatments and classes, at the end of the retreat, guests will be armed with the essential tools to upkeep a balanced lifestyle independently at home.

Why a retreat in France?

Often misunderstood as being two things the same, although the definition of a retreat and a holiday share a similar definition, the approaches and the results vary. A retreat is an immersive and unique getaway from the comfort of home and haste of everyday life. The aim is to establish a new balance and to align the body with the mind. An option would be escaping to the forests to spend the weekend in a wooden cabin, engaging in breathing exercises and lying still to gaze at the twinkling stars at night.

Every retreat is a new opportunity to relish in an unforgettable experience. Choose a retreat and programme to suit your own needs and begin choreographing your path of balance.