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There are many ways in which we can work to reduce our carbon footprint. In today’s society, we are more aware now than ever on the impact the actions we take will have on the environment. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already an environmentally conscious person, looking to expand your knowledge further. Luckily, the increased consumer call for environmentally friendly products and services has been answered. There is now a wealth conscious companies who offer the opportunity to live a greener life. In this journal entry, we are focusing on travel, looking at ways in which you can reduce your impact on the environment, whilst still enjoying a life-enhancing adventure.


Pack a Green Bag

The great news is that buying ethical products has never been easier! Reducing or even eliminating waste from toiletries, shopping bags, food wrapping and more is now an easy, and often pretty, option. We recommend packing a reusable water bottle, shopping bags and toiletries such as a bamboo toothbrush. Website anemone & basilic have a range of handmade, eco-friendly and organic products that are not only great for the environment, but for your skin too.
Why not go one step further and make sure your whole bag is sustainable? You can now buy fair trade and eco-friendly holdalls, suitcases and rucksacks that, if used multiple times, are a wonderful way to help save the planet. Check out our ultimate eco-friendly packing guide here!

Pack Light

With so many beautiful products available, it may be tempting to overpack. Selective picking and packing your clothes and products, even if it’s just to save a few kilograms will reduce the amount of fuel consumed by any transport you use. While individually, the impact may not be exceptional if we were all to follow this advice, together, the overall effect could prove substantial. Plus, you will save the strain on your back and arms.

view of green hill and fields with blue sky

Eat and Drink Locally

This one has more than just environmental benefits. Select local cafes and restaurants that sell home cooked cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. Not only does this reduce the impact of food miles, but choosing your eateries in this way means you are likely to discover wholesome, nourishing food cooked authentically by passionate locals. There are many apps available that can provide you with this type of local knowledge, hosting reviews and pictures from visitors and locals alike.

Be Conscious of Your Travel Options

The unfortunate reality is that flying is not the most sustainable way to get from a to b. It is understandable that, for many trips, due to time and money constraints, flying is a necessity. However, it is very much worth remembering that for short flights or internal journeys, there may be another way. Trains and buses are often cheaper and offer a more authentic way to explore, and you will have the added luxury of stunning views of the countryside.

bridge road with mountains and blue sky

Save Water

It is vital to remember the energy it takes to produce clean water that runs out of the tap, particularly even more so in hot countries. It is therefore essential not to take advantage of this free running water. The best advice is to treat water in the same way you would as if you were at home. When staying in your hotel, avoid overly excessive showers and reuse your sheets and towels to save on laundry.

Be Assured by Your Destination

An ethically conscious retreat or hotel can take all of the hard work away for you. By checking the environmental credentials of your destination, you can enjoy your time away happy in the knowledge that all around you, efforts are being made to save our lovely planet.

Here at Balance Holidays, we do everything we can to ensure our retreat locations are together with us on our passion for the environment. Our environmentally friendly retreats follow strict criteria so you can be sure of its ethical credentials. Amongst other things, you will get to dine on locally sourced, and often organic ingredients in a sustainable and well looked after environment. Please view the individual retreats on our website for more information.