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The busy holiday season is a wonderful time but, as many of us know, it is also very hectic. Additional commitments such as work parties and the added stress of seeing family, gift buying and preparing for festivities can often mean that we feel slightly thrown off balance. It is therefore incredibly important that we remember to put the chaotic merriment aside for a moment and make sure we are still caring for our emotional and physical wellbeing. Staying centred during the holidays may take a little more effort than other parts of the year, but when the new beginnings of a fresh year come around, you will be glad of the work you put in.

evergreen tree in the sun in winter

What Does it Mean to be Centred?

Staying centred is all about being able to bring yourself back to the present and focus on a balance of your needs and emotions. In turn, this can help to anchor your mind and body to the physical and ethereal world. Staying centred can help individuals to assess a situation and allow them to achieve a feeling of peace and gratitude. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to aid those looking to centre themselves and explore their feelings and emotions by calmly focusing on themselves, and their surrounding environment. During the holidays, pressures on time or a change in routine can reduce the amount of time we spend with ourselves. Continue to engage in hobbies and activities that appeal to you, such as creative classes and exercise routines. Allot yourself personal time to ensure you don’t feel rushed and worn out.

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Keep up With Yoga a Meditation Practice

If you are in the regular habit of practising yoga and meditation, be sure to allow yourself time to maintain your sessions. It is thoughtful to remember that during the holidays, regular schedules can often be mixed up. Try to remain open-minded and, rather than miss a class or session, think to rearrange or reschedule in order to maintain this time. Please take a moment to learn more about mindfulness and meditation in our journal.

Try Something New

A busy time of the year may not seem like the best opportunity to try something new, but think of it as seizing the moment. If you cannot make your regular session due to commitments, but you have time elsewhere, why not attend a new fitness class? You might find the next big thing!

Be Grateful

Staying centred is about being aware of others as well as yourself. Particularly during the holiday season, it becomes prevalent that there are many who are less fortunate than you and your family. Use mindfulness and gratitude to see the true importance of the holidays and consider supporting a local charity or donating to a food bank.

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Don’t Burnout

Make sure that others demands on your resources and time are not too strong. While many of us like to do and help as much as we can, it is essential not to cause yourself to burn out by overcommitting to appointments and functions. Don’t be afraid to say no, if you are mindful, you will know how many commitments you are able to take on.

Begin Conscious Breathing

Breathwork is a wonderful way to encourage feelings of calm and connectivity. One of the best things about conscious breathing is that you can do it anywhere and in a short amount of time if required. Health professionals such as The NHSrecommend breathwork as a way to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and focusing on breathing can also act as a powerful meditation tool.

By educating and nurturing our guests, at Balance Holidays, we aim to provide you with the tools you need to help stay centred and embrace life. We offer handcrafted retreat programmes in exclusive locations across Europe that aim to inspire and educate. With mindfulness at heart, our retreats take you on a journey of self-discovery and fulfilment. Explore our yoga retreats in Sicily or our sound bathing retreats in France today.