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A collection of wellness retreats in the charming land, rich in nature, history and traditions

The magic of the Mediterranean is closer than imagined with a retreat to Sicily. Secluded in the South of Italy, Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island magnetising curiosity for its rich cultural history and architectural magnificence. Natural wonders aplenty, indulge in an oasis of tranquillity with bountiful gardens and breath-taking views.

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Grounding Retreat at Sicilian Historical Manor Farm

available between -
21st May 2020 - 25th May 2020


£1346 pp

Situated South of Italy at “the foot of the boot”, Sicily is the largest island surrounded by Mediterranean sea, rich in cultural treasures and often referred to as a pearl of Italy, vibrant throughout both day and night. At every turn, be distracted by curiosity for this Italian island of wonder, a true gem to escape the ordinary to be relished in wellness and for hibernating away from the city anxieties and stresses.

Escape to Sicily for a taste of the Mediterranean in the absence of stress and taut tensions. Based at the foot of the boot of Italy, discover the fascination behind this Italian island going beyond the jewel-blue sea and uncontaminated aromas, scents and flavours. The intense and vibrant sceneries seep into the hearts and minds of individuals from the very first breath and will leave an irresistible urge to return back for more.

From the mountains, hills and sea to the wines, pastries and cheeses, Sicily is a highly sought after destination for breaking free from the mundane ordinary to be engrossed in relaxation and tranquillity through its enchanting natural landscapes and warm climates. The thermal spas are a regional highlight and a true wellness offering to deliver various treatments ranging from therapeutic, rejuvenation, reenergising and beautifying. Thermal spas are utilised as a natural medicinal cure with results proven to extend to the Roman ages.

Incorporated with the traditional art, history and culture, the running thrill of the sea and wind makes Sicily a place like no other, making it an irresistible gem of wellness throughout the year, perfect for a weekend city break to restore physical, spiritual and mental realignment in waves of calm and serenity.


Why a retreat in Sicily?

Oftentimes, a retreat and a holiday is considered as the same thing yet despite their definitions being similar to one another, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and results of each vary. To be more specific, a retreat refers to boarding on an immersive and unique experience held at some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations and resorts such as Sicily to help individuals cultivate a balanced lifestyle while providing them with the essential tools to maintain this lifestyle after each programme. The aim of each programme is get away from the comforts of home and the stresses of daily life to allow guests to achieve physical, spiritual and mental balance through the life-enhancing classes and sessions included in each programme.

Before choosing which programme to attend, it is advisable to firstly establish the purpose of attending a wellbeing retreat. For an example, if being sun-kissed on a decadent double sun lounger by a spring water swimming pool, indulging and nourishing the body with meals made from organic ingredients sourced from the home-grown garden farms to loosen the tensions and regenerate the physical, mental and spiritual body, consider a retreat to Sicily as a prime retreat destination with glorious rays of sunshine throughout the year and seductive scenery to take you away from the ordinary.

With a strikingly intriguing history shared with the Romans and Greeks and cultural landscapes boasting a warm and romantic ambience, Sicily is an exuberant unison of contemporary Italy mixed with streaks of its pastime. Also renowned for its flourishing wine production and flavours, wines are a beautifully silent staple with meals whilst vineyards are an embedded garden structure. Programmes held in Sicily will incorporate these cultural elements into the additional activities and the framework will consist of yoga classes, meditation and breathing exercises held outdoors with the sweeping countryside landscapes.

Each wellbeing retreat offers a new opportunity to experience the unforgettable and ascertain multiple health benefits including physical rejuvenation, spiritual awakening and redefined purpose and inner-clarify. Discover the art and science of yoga whilst honing your skills in the practice while enjoying the splendour of Sicily to begin your new balanced journey.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Choosing Balance Holidays to embark on a new journey of restored balance not only means guests are able to experience life-enhancing changes and benefits but also offer programmes held at some of the world’s most exclusive destinations and resort hotels around the world. At Balance Holidays, we are here to grant a promise of transformation by providing the essential tools to help individuals nurture and choreograph a balanced lifestyle during and after each and every programme.

The definition of balanced lifestyle at Balance Holidays is expressed as being focused on self-care, mindfulness and healthy living however we are also in understanding that every individual’s needs are different which is why our collection of wellness retreats consists of individually hand-selected and carefully considered programmes to ensure each need is met and standards surpassed. Every programme incorporates elements of local traditions and culture, for an example mindful Sicilian cooking concepts using ingredients grown in the home garden farms and the offering of extra activities such as hiking and trekking around the local landmarks to grant an experience expanding beyond the realms of ordinary, just for you.

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