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KYMÅ · BREATH IN: BÅLANCE (Taste of Ibiza)


Music is a powerful tool for liberation and creative expression. Oftentimes referred to as 'music therapy' in health and wellness, it is an area that studies the effects of music on the mind. By involving our intrinsic response and connection to different styles of music. As a mode to rousing and embracing a spectrum of emotions that results in positive changes in overall wellbeing as recorded by Medical News.


OKU Hotel Joyful Awakening Balearic Island Retreat

On the upcoming Joyful Awakening at Balearic Island Retreat, which will take place on the island of music, Ibiza. Music will play a key component in encouraging guests to synchronise the body, mind and breath. Finding comfortable respite from familiar surroundings and diverting attention away from negative thoughts and emotions into an elevated a state of consciousness following a year of challenge. DJ KYMÅ, who will be raising the energies and infecting the rooms with an eclectic myriad of beats and frequencies throughout the programme opens our hearts and ears to an exclusive preview of what is to come.