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A romantic bond between two people is a powerful joy, and it is important to celebrate it. To take a romantic holiday is a beautiful way to connect with your partner and spend quality time together away from the trials and distractions of daily life. The difficulty sometimes, as with many other commitments in life, is finding the time to dedicate to a break. Enter, the city break. Characterised by spending a small amount of time in a city easily accessible from the UK, city breaks are the perfect getaway for those juggling that ideal work-life balance. They are able to simultaneously feed the burgeoning traveller within, without eating into precious annual leave. As Europeans, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to accessible locations, which is why we’ve created a list of the perfect cities to visit when seeking a touch of romance.

Palermo, Italy

Capital of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily, Palermo seeks to both awe and inspire with a heady mixture of ancient architecture and bustling markets. Tucked neatly next to the coast, the beachside nature of the city allows for romantic beach walks and sunsets by the sea. The Italian passion for food is well known, and the effect it has on a romantic break is profound, conjuring an irresistibly loving and desirable atmosphere. Days spent eating and strolling the vibrant markets will not feel wasted with Palermo offering a refreshing romantic break.

italian street with flowers and tourists

Paris, France

Of course, what is known to be the most romantic city in the world must not be missed from this list. The elegance and allure of the refined French culture casts an undeniable air of romance across the city, making it impossible not to feel the love. Paris is a well-trodden city, but it also encompasses a more peaceful edge for those who enjoy a secret spot. Take a look at Relaxing Things to do in Paris to find inspiration for romantic activities for you and your beaux.

Budapest, Hungary

The up and coming city of Budapest culminates its charm from an eclectic mix of ancient and modern architecture. If authenticity is your goal, you will undoubtedly find it here. The city finds itself balanced effortlessly between traditionally historical, and contemporary and exciting, meaning couples in search of both connection and relaxation, as well as culture and stimulus, will certainly leave happy. Famous for its abundance of hot springs, days can be spent relaxing in the rich natural waters of a spa, sharing treatments and taking it easy. In the evenings, a myriad of drinking and dining is available, including a wide range of local choices for a rich, cultural experience.

view of budapest old buildings and river

Zagreb, Croatia

Couples looking to walk and explore will find endless discovery in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Step away from the historic and ornate centre, and you will uncover a world of colourful street art with its very own culture and story to tell. Explore museums and galleries and enjoy the varied and unique cuisine, which has been influenced over the years by Mediterranean, Turkish and Austro-Hungarian cultures. Find a quaint coffee shop and watch the world go by.

Bruges, Belgium

Like a picture from a fairy tale, the medieval city of Bruges holds an irresistible charm and feeling of magical curiosity. Take a relaxing canal tour for a laid-back approach to viewing some of the city’s ancient and unspoiled architecture. Immerse yourselves in the magic and enjoy the markets, food and the country’s most famous export, Belgian beer. To learn a little more about the iconic brew, you can take a tour of one of the many breweries in the city where you’ll learn about the making and tasting process.

old medieval buildings in bruges

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