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What choices do you make to be more environmentally friendly? With awareness rising and government policy finally starting to reflect the urgency of being more eco-responsive, many of us are making conscious and not so conscious decisions that have a positive impact. Turning off lights in an empty room is a fantastic example of a subconscious environmentally friendly choice. Often, it is a practice we do naturally and without thought, but the energy saved over time can contribute to a positive effect.

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There are, however, many choices and substitutions we can make when it comes to further reducing the impact our daily lives have on the environment. You may have already implemented many of these ideas, such as reusable shopping bags. For some reason though, when it comes to planning and packing for a holiday, these morals can be left somewhat forgotten in place of convenient, one-use travel items that ultimately end up in landfill. While we are fully behind convenience, we also think it can have a positive impact on the environment and your holiday. With so many companies and products now on the market, we’ve chosen our favourites to help you to pack the ultimate eco-conscious suitcase.

Solid Toiletries

An easy one to start with as not many are unaware of the existence of solid soap, shampoo and conditioner. They are however, a great travel item not only because they are plastic-free, but also their solid nature means they can be carried in hand luggage with no issues. Many companies that offer these products also use organic products and have excellent environmental and sustainability policies, be sure to check!

Toothpaste Tablets

Solid toothpaste? Essentially, that is what toothpaste tablets are, and they are fast becoming an increasingly popular travel item. Not dissimilar to conventional toothpaste, simply place a tablet in your mouth and crunch it into a paste, then brush your teeth as usual.

Safety Razor

A product that not only deserves a place on this list but a permanent home in your bathroom. Safety razors are a plastic-free, reusable alternative to their disposable counterparts. Made from high-quality metal or wood, the only waste from these razors are the blades (which can be recycled). By no means a new product, safety razors draw inspiration from razors of old, when disposable, single-use items were not commonplace.

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Portable Solar Charger

Make the most of time spent outside and use a solar power to charge your USB devices. A new wave in the technology means these types of chargers are now ultra-portable and more efficient than previous models. What’s more, you can use them anywhere from out on a hike to relaxing by the pool so it can be even more convenient than a conventional charger.

Reusable Essentials

If you carry a reusable coffee mug, water bottle or straw at home, be sure to pack it for your holiday. At times, becoming a green traveller means very much the same as it does at home, so be sure to keep your favourite reusable items on you.

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Bags and Luggage

Take things one step further and add a sustainability element to your bags and luggage. There are several companies who offer stylish, functional travel bags that are made from recycled or organic materials. If you are the super organised type, you can even get travel cubes made from recycled water bottles.

N.B – if you are buying one of these bags to replace existing luggage, make sure you donate it to charity or pass it on.

Sustainable Clothing

Another emerging trend, advances in sustainable fashion means the advent of clothes that have a positive impact on the environment. This can be through either being made from recycled material or made in such a way that it does not have to be laundered regularly. Most sustainable clothing does not skimp on style so you can step out feeling environmentally friendly and fabulous!

At Balance Holidays, we thoroughly assess all of our prestigious locations to ensure they apply the highest level of care and attention to the environment. For more information on our environmentally friendly retreats, explore our website and if you would like further details on any of our retreats, send us an enquiry. For more articles about nature and the environment, browse our journal.