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For most, the joy of the holiday season arriving is normally a time for celebration. However, it is not unusual to find that the shift in routine, coupled with the added pressures of the holidays, can leave you feeling somewhat stressed and anxious. By adding a touch of mindfulness to the festive period, we can help ourselves, and others, to stay on track and ensure our wellbeing is maintained throughout this demanding time. Here are our holiday wellbeing essentials.

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Maintain Routines

The holiday season inevitably involves additional commitments that are likely to distort our regular routines. After work socials, visiting family and extra days off can all result in unconscious negligence of personal wellbeing. Without putting too much pressure on yourself, try to maintain at least some of your usual routine. Mental health charity Mind reports that staying active is often integral to personal wellbeing, not only does it help to boost mood and reduce stress; it can also help to boost self-esteem to help you feel great during the Christmas party season. If time restraints block you from your usual exercise methods, how about try practising aerobic or anaerobic exercise either in the office or at home?

The holidays are also a time for decadent meals and sweet treats. Allowing yourself to enjoy these things without overindulging is a great way to enjoy the season without feeling overwhelmed. Ensuring home meals are kept consistent and healthy makes it easier to enjoy rich holiday food. There are a number of Christmas treats that are still healthy, be sure to make the most of nutrition-rich foods such as seasonal vegetables.

Partake in Workplace Wellbeing

If you feel a slip in your wellbeing, take a look to see if your employer offers an employee wellbeing initiative. Many companies now realise the benefits of encouraging staff to take better care of their wellbeing. According to mentalhealth.org, there is evidence to suggest that 12.7% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions, costing businesses up to eight million pounds per year. In a positive reaction, some companies now offer mindfulness guidance and wellbeing workshops.

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Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Enjoying yourself is a crucial element to the festive season, but it can be easy to overindulge. In the short term, continuous and excessive alcohol consumption can result in poor sleep and mood swings, according to Alcohol.org.


The additional commitments and the concern of gift buying without missing anyone are both very stressful tasks. By being organised, you can reduce the risk of promises and obligations becoming overwhelming, as well as accidental financial stress. If you can anticipate where these potential sources of stress may come from, you can begin to develop a plan to help deal with them. It is important to remember not to feel guilty if you can’t commit to every invitation.

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Help Others

The season can be a difficult time for some, as loneliness and depression can become more prevalent. For certain individuals, supporting those around them can act as a boost to their own wellbeing. Be mindful of signs of strain amongst colleagues and friends.

Treat Yourself

As with many other aspects, self-care can fall by the wayside, but making time for yourself should always be a priority. Self-care can be as simple as ensuring you get enough sleep or allowing yourself an hour to do the one thing that you really want to do. Wellness can be sewn into daily life with the application of mindfulness. Taking the time to choose an environmentally friendly skincare treatment, for example, can add a touch of personal care and luxury to your lifestyle.

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