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The concept of going green is something many of us are becoming more aware of, but did you know you can extend eco-awareness to the way you travel? Sustainable travel is the future for sustainability-conscious adventurers. Not only is the industry of eco-travel here to stay, but you will be amazed at what such holidays have to offer. Let us take a closer look at what is in store.

What Does Eco-Friendly Travel Involve?

Sometimes referred to as ecotourism, holidays of this kind involve the use of sustainable practices in order to lower the overall carbon footprint associated with the holiday. Just as with daily life, travel can potentially have a substantial impact on the environment, particularly in the case of hotels. The water and energy used, and the waste created by hotels and resorts is surprisingly considerable. It is for this reason that the industry is reacting in an effort to entice customers and step up to environmental responsibility.

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Many will be surprised to learn that this concept first gained ground as far back as the 1980s, and it has grown in popularity ever since. In fact, statistics released in the Sustainable Travel Report by Booking.com states that more than 87% of all tourists expressed wishes to be provided with more sustainable travel solutions. Some of the main principles which serve to define this synergy with the world around us include:

Resorts that embrace a plastic-free policy.

Accommodations that support the local flora and fauna and are built using natural materials.

Properties that do not impinge upon local cultures and populations and remain sensitive to the surrounding area.

Other core concepts involve developing a higher degree of environmental awareness and using it to adjust practice. For example, laundry can have a sizeable ecological impact due to the water and energy used, and the possibility of releasing synthetic micro-fibres into the water system.

Awareness means a property may choose to encourage guests to reuse towels and bathrobes during their stay. A resort may also choose to bring to light the increasing rarity of existing natural resources or design its buildings to have a lower impact on the surrounding natural environment. Above all, ecotourism is about providing long-term sustainable solutions as opposed to achieving short-term profits alone.

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A Growing Trend: The Numerous Benefits of Ecotourism

Ecotourism has gained ground in recent years. This trend represents an adjustment within a community which is now learning to appreciate the negative impacts that humankind has had upon the environment. When we consider that a study published by the scientific journal Nature Climate Change, reported that global tourism accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. The ambitious study involved scientists researching the impact that tourism has, with all aspects included, from the flight to souvenirs. Comparatively the impact is higher than that of the construction industry. Consequently, it becomes clear to understand why ecotourism is a healthy alternative. So, what are some additional benefits to keep in mind?

Environmentally friendly and sustainable holidays are known for their bespoke sense of luxury and relaxation. Naturally, eco-conscious hotels can be found in places of wonderful nature and beauty. Thus, attendees will be able to obtain the rest and relaxation that is sought after.

Another interesting feature of these holidays is that their itineraries and programmes tend to be influenced by the environmentally practices they promote. As such, it is reassuring to be on a holiday where it is clear all parties are being conscious of the environment.

Finally, it is effortless to meet and interact with like-minded individuals, as guests will share many of the same traits in common. This could be a fantastic opportunity to make friends from around the world.

What Types of Resorts and Travel Programmes are Available?

There is a kaleidoscope of wellness retreats to choose from, and of course, these can be moulded to meet the needs and desires of the traveller in question. Here at Balance Holidays have developed a host of retreat options which are all based around the concept of ecotourism. Some examples of the categories to select include:

Mindfulness and meditation seminars.

Yoga retreats.

Resorts dedicated to healthy cooking.

Retreats focusing upon the relationship between humanity and the natural environment.

These are only a handful of options which are available to those who have been looking for a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional travel programmes.

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A Bright Future

There may come a time in the not-so-distant future when eco-travel represents the default option as opposed to an interesting alternative. Not only will such methods produce ecologically viable and sustainable benefits, but the fact of the matter is that they are just as capable of providing travellers with a truly unforgettable experience.

For those who would like to learn more about Balance Holidays sustainability approach or our eco-friendly retreats, please feel free to contact us. Once you've booked your tailored, luxury retreat, why not take things a step further and pack an eco-friendly travel bag?