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All around us, nature is continuously moving in a wave of ultimate infinity. Often the powers of nature remain invisible, and it’s these powers that move undetected and help to shape the world as we know it. The natural world is a wonderful thing to behold, and individuals who spent time in nature on our Forest Bathing Retreat have reported a higher sense of emotional wellbeing. This, combined with the added observed benefits of fresh air and exercise cited by researchers at the University of Essex, makes getting out into nature a seemingly invigorating experience. We take a look at some of our favourite ways to connect with nature so you can observe for yourself the benefits it might have for you.Bare feet walking along a fallen tree trunk

Make Time

For some of us, our schedules are seemingly restless, and this is even more of a reason to take time out and connect with yourself and nature. Clear an hour or even a weekend in your diary, or consider including nature in your self-care routine if it’s beneficial to you. For more information on this, take a look at one of our recent journal pieces on How To Make Time For Self-Care.

Out, Out and Away!

The most vital key to connecting with nature is to get into it! Whether you’re in the garden, at the park or dancing across a moor, this is the first step to releasing yourself with nature. Take a minute to think about where you are and how you’re feeling.

Use All of Your Senses

Now is time to connect with yourself and start to focus on one sense at a time. Breathe deeply through your nose; what can you smell? Is it the earth or the grass? You may want to feel the breeze on your skin or touch the trees and plants. What can you hear? It might be birds singing or the wind rustling the leaves. Open your mouth and focus on the sensation of breathing in the stimulating, fresh air. Finally, use your eyes to focus on what’s around you, take in the tiny variations in colour and see what plants and animals you can identify.Lady dancing with black and yellow scarf

Have a Stroll or a Sit

You may want to have a wander, think about every step you take and how each one connects you to the ground, you could take your shoes off and feel the textures and vibrations of the earth. If you reach your favourite spot or find somewhere you like, take a seat. This could be an excellent time to practice being present, to clear your mind and meditate, or simply think about the things that make you happy.

Bring Nature Indoors

Your journey with nature doesn’t have to stop once you’re home. If you can, open the windows or try keeping house plants. You can get a range of indoor plants that act as air purifiers, and these may help to clean the air in your home. A jar of flowers or seashells on your desk could serve as a reminder of nature while you’re at work.Green plants in brown pots in the window


It’s worth noting that this experience will mean something different to everyone. Some of us may feel a vigorous pull from the earth where others may appreciate the time spent in the fresh air and out of the crowds. It doesn’t matter what you feel as long as you are aware of it. This connection with yourself may make your time spent in nature a great opportunity to reflect on your life, the past, present and future. Soothe yourself by thinking about what it is that makes you happy or what you’re looking forward to.

While any positive effects of connecting with nature may differ with every individual, there is no doubt that there are easy ways to experiment and see what works for you. Set in beautiful locations, nature features as a prominent quality in our holidays, and we even offer a treehouse retreat for those of you who want to take your connection with nature one step further.