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Where the most northern tip of Italy touches Austria and Germany, South Tyrol covers an exceptional location in the Alps. The area is also known as the Alto Adige, ascribed to a river which passes through the region. It encompasses a community created from the union of Italian, German and Austrian populations. A unique culture, the Ladin people, contribute profoundly to the charm of the area. Only 30,000 residents speak the local Ladin language. The central city to visit is Bolzano. Its distinctive architecture gives the city a genuinely magnetic charm. The real excitement of South Tyrol, however, comes from the vast surroundings of well-defined mountains paralleling the Mediterranean way of life. The beautiful scenery consists of stunning alpine forests, serene lakes and spectacular valleys. It is undeniable as a romantic destination. With a backdrop of perfection, connecting with your loved one is definite.

Here at Balance Holidays, we have combined the unparalleled beauty of South Tyrol with elements of local culture, traditions and history to offer an authentic experience. We hope to inspire a treasurable romantic trip.

The Dolomites in the sun.

Hike together through the Dolomites

South Tyrol is overflowing with awe-inspiring hiking trails. More than 13, 000km of paths to be precise. The most stunning destination is the Dolomites. For the most mesmerising experience, hike together up the Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Officially a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is a three-hour journey to the top. The trio of mountains are breathtaking and the perfect place to feel a sense of freedom in nature. After the hike, you are rewarded at the peak with untouched panoramic views to share with your partner. Take as much time as you can to appreciate the landscape and reach an inner calm together.

The Three Peaks in the Dolomites.

Stay for Sunset

The Dolomites is the prime location to embrace a romantic sunset. As the last light of dusk hit the mountains, the combination of orange and magenta hues bouncing off the sharp shape of the mountains is magnificent. In the Ladin language, it is named "enrosadira", meaning “alpenglow”.

Cycle as a Couple While Tasting Local Wine

South Tyrol is home to some outstanding wines. An entertaining activity, unique to the area, is to complete the “Sudtirol Weinstrasse.” The name translates to “Wine Route”. If you are fortunate enough to be in South Tyrol during May and June, local villages host a wide selection of wine-related occasions along the way. The most enticing part of this activity is the opportunity to cycle the route. Passing the beautiful alpine scenery amongst the authentic Italian villages is a fascinating experience.

Glass of red wine with vineyard in the background.

Enjoy a Picnic at the Beautiful Lake Carezza

South Tyrol is flourishing with impressive lakes, but Carezza dominates in terms of atmosphere. Translated to “Rainbow Lake” in Ladin, its beauty derives from the dreamy shades of green and azure blue water. Small in size, the impact of colour is alluring. It is created from underground springs, producing a pure and ethereal quality. Only requiring 20 minutes to stroll around, the Lake is the ideal place to indulge in a romantic picnic.

Lake Carezza.

Stay for Stargazing

The natural beauty of the Lake is an incredible spot for stargazing. The opulent blue water shimmers under the starlit sky. A truly harmonising experience, the opportunity to look at the stars for one evening is unmissable.

Starry sky and tops of forest trees.

Experiment with Local Cuisine

A fusion of Italian and Austrian, delving into Ladin dining is an exciting venture. Hassle-free food is a speciality in South Tyrol. Foods to try include dumplings, soup and pasta. For something sweet, doughnuts called “krapfen” and pancakes named “kaiserschmarrn” are a delicious dessert. Discovering a beautiful traditional wooden restaurant nestled in the mountains would be a highlight. If you desire something a touch more special, the area is not without Michelin- star restaurants.

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