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A 5,000- year old practise recommended by health professionals today; yoga can’t help but trigger intrigue from the modern individual. When practiced correctly, some may begin to see physical benefits. For an example, those who recently visited our Forest Bathing Retreat reported improved flexibility and a strengthened lower body. An essential aspect of yoga also concentrates on breathing and meditation. Some may regard it as an escape to focus on their inner peace. Yoga can be used to empower people to think beyond their external labels and focus on their wellbeing. It does not come as a surprise that, integrating mindfulness and yoga into our lifestyles has been endorsed by many in today’s hasty society. For further insight on mindfulness, our journal entry, What is Mindfulness and Meditation offers a more precise overview. It may feel daunting to begin a journey into emotional and physical care if you are not familiar with yoga, below we have tips for those starting. We hope we can inspire you to try yoga and see it as the harmonising exercise it is.

Begin with a Class

As convenient as looking through YouTube videos are, we would thoroughly recommend starting with a class. The main reason being, as it is a new experience, it is always best to get a second opinion . It may be hard to know if you are doing it correctly and it is best to avoid learning bad habits at the beginning. And do not worry about ability, yoga is for everyone and most leisure centres and yoga schools will have beginner classes. If not, you can always discuss your level with your instructor in advance, so you feel confident in attending. It would also be useful to communicate any problems or injury your body may currently be suffering with your teacher to prevent further aggravation.

Bottom part of four pairs of legs on purple yoga mats outside.

Accept it is New

Trying something new is commendable, and you should admire it. Therefore, being forgiving on your body’s limitations at the start is necessary. You may not be the most flexible, but it doesn’t matter. Each yoga class is a chance to unwind and synchronise your mind with your body. Enjoy it for what it is.

Cloud and sun in blue sky.

Concentrate on Yourself

Yoga can be used as an aid for you to increase self-clarity. Try your best not to compare your ability to others and instead absorb what you are learning. Engage with the positions you are introduced to and focus on how it feels in that moment.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Shoes are not necessary for yoga, so that is one less thing to think about! In terms of clothing, you need something you are comfortable to move freely in. Ideally, something easy for your yoga instructor to gauge your posture in too. Remember this is about you, so make sure you arrive as relaxed as you can be.

A Yoga Mat is a Good Investment

A yoga mat is the most basic but important yoga aid. It will most likely be supplied in your class. However, using your own is also encouraged. Investing in your own mat may also encourage you to practice at home.

Close up of woman’s hands rolling a blue yoga mat.

Don’t Give Up!

Accomplishing your first class is a massive achievement. You may have realised your body isn’t as flexible as you thought, or your balance is slightly off but don’t be discouraged. Being aware of this is positive as it gives an incentive to continue to work. Remind yourself of the achievement you have made so far and that every step is one step closer towards achieving the desired results.

Woman doing yoga pose in sunset.

Attending your first lesson is an insightful way to understand the positives of yoga and its connection to mindfulness. Here at Balance Holidays, our yoga retreat holidays are designed for those with a range of experience, feel free to explore our website further.