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Rediscover the science and art of yoga on a yoga retreat, held in some of the most luxurious and exclusive destinations. Whether the purpose is to improve physical balance, strengthen the body or simply relax the mind, choose the most appropriate style and technique to suit your needs. Each yoga class will be coordinated and directed by a professional and specialised yoga teacher.


What are yoga retreats?

If you are looking to participate in a yoga retreat, before choosing which one to attend, it is important to firstly ask yourself what goals you would like to achieve and brainstorm your personal preferences. Then, research the location of the retreat, the programme and activities it includes. From Ashtanga Vinyasa flow to Kundalini and Anusara, different styles and techniques of yoga are aimed at achieving different results. Whether the aim is to detoxify the body and mind from the urban settings or to improve posture, breath work or renew motivation levels, there is a yoga retreat available to meet each need.

How it started?

The art and science of yoga started almost five thousand years ago in ancient India. The main concept is to align the mind, body and spirit to achieve balance. In order to evoke the optimum level of balance amongst these three key elements, exercise, meditation and breathing forms the fundamental framework. Over the course of the years, yoga has evolved into six individual branches, Raja, Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Mantra and Hatha, customised to personal lifestyle, wants and needs.

Why a yoga retreat may suit you?

Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to escape the daily autonomy to have some downtime to relax and reboot the mind and body. Taking time away from the normal environment, engaging in new surroundings, people, activities and trying different yoga poses and techniques will help to unfold a wholesome and healthier lifestyle. Yoga retreats are often set in scenic surroundings, encouraging added notes of release, calm and tranquility. Take back time and invest it into becoming your best version.


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