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You’ve been daydreaming for days — or even months — about your next wellness retreat escape and finally, the official countdown can begin. With flights, itinerary and accommodation arranged, all you need to do now is create the perfect holiday packing checklist.

Whether it’s a long weekend relaxing in the mountains or an action-filled short break exploring bike-trails and hiking on challenging terrain, make sure that you arrive prepared. 

Weather is hard to predict, which is why ensuring your packing list includes clothing for all instances is important. Remind yourself why you decided to sign up for a wellness retreat. If the main reason is to achieve mental and physical relaxation and you arrive frustrated and stressed because you packed for the sun but torrential rain is pouring down, you’ll be off to a bad start! We’ve put together a holiday packing checklist to help you start your transformative wellness journey on a positive note.

Appropriate Clothing

Before you begin packing, go over the retreat programme and take a look at the weather forecast for your destination. Will you be spending a large amount of time outdoors? Does it usually rain during this season? Is yoga part of the itinerary? Put some thought into answering these questions when choosing suitable items of clothing for your retreat. Remember, you’re not attending a fashion show or a photoshoot. Pick pieces that are practical and appropriate for their purpose. If it helps to reduce stress in the mornings, arrange your outfits according to the daily agenda. You’ll spend less time fussing over clothes and more time relaxing and focusing on you!

Comfortable Shoes

This might seem like an obvious item to include on your packing checklist. However, if you’re attending a retreat for the first time, you may assume that you’ll spend the majority of your time barefoot on a mat. On yoga retreats, this may be true. But there will always be non-scheduled time allowed for you to enjoy exploring the local area. You’ll also need to walk between your accommodation, the yoga studio, the dining area and other spaces. Make sure to pack a comfortable pair of trainers or walking shoes. Retreats are often held in naturally beautiful locations — you’ll want to get out on foot and take it all in! 

Whether you’re seeking simplicity, tranquillity and privacy or adventure and activity, you’ll miss out if you don’t spend some of your free time exploring the local area. Take the opportunity to relax on a plush lounger, enjoy the views and lose yourself in a good book, or put on your trainers and take a hike in the forest. With a good pair of comfortable shoes, the choice is yours!

A Notepad and Pen

Retreats are a time for relaxation and reflection. If you want to make the most of this precious time, it’s important to take all that you learn away with you so that you’re able to continue your wellness journey when you return home. Pack a handbag-sized notebook and pen so that you’re always ready to jot down thoughts, feelings and ideas as they occur. Maybe your teacher shares an inspiring quote or another retreat guest gives you a great idea for developing your yoga practise — these are ideas you won’t want to forget!

Composed of various workshops, classes and activities, each retreat not only aims to gratify the explorer spirit and provide a reassuring environment to reboot, but it also equips individuals with new skills and relevant knowledge to sustain a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.

Sun Protection, Hat and Sunglasses

Who can say no to sunshine? Sun-filled skies only add to that feeling of relaxation and escape. However, we all know that spending extended periods of time soaking up the sun can cause serious damage to our bodies. If you’ve chosen a summer retreat, make sure to add sun protection, a hat and a pair of high-quality (99-100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays) sunglasses onto your list. Enjoy the heat of the day without the pain of sunburn and concern of more wrinkles! 

Light Snacks

We all get peckish between meals, especially if we are active (taking a yoga class or hiking in the forest, for example). Bring along some of your favourite light snacks that pack a good energy punch. Nuts high in omega-3, such as walnuts, almonds and pistachios, are a good choice. A small cheeky bar of dark chocolate is also one of our favourite snacks. Also consider the climate and when you’re likely to be needing your snacks. If you’re hiking in the peak of summer, a chocolate bar is likely to become a sticky mess before you’re able to enjoy it! 

First-Aid Essentials Kit

Imagine that you’re close to the mountains in a boutique retreat hotel, an hour’s drive away from the nearest city. Idyllic seclusion. But access to a local pharmacy for basic medications, painkillers or creams may be limited. Even if you’re lucky enough to be near a local pharmacy, they may well not prescribe the medicine you require due to differences in pharmaceutical laws. To avoid a minor accident or sunburn spoiling your relaxing getaway, pack a mini first-aid essentials kit and be sure to include any of your regular medications, plasters, aftersun, basic painkillers and antiseptic wipes. 

Small Backpack or Tote Bag

It’s surprising how many people forget to bring a small backpack or tote bag with them to a retreat. You’re likely to be moving between sites and you may have already started planning a few day trips. You won’t want to cart your suitcase about and it’s unlikely you’ll have enough pockets to carry everything you need. A small bag will allow you to take key items such as plasters, sunscreen, insect repellent, a notepad and an anorak with you wherever you go. If you’re planning a day trip of hiking or picnicking, a small backpack is perfect.

Light Blanket

Even if you’re booked on a summer retreat, temperatures can drop to cold levels at night. It’s a good idea to bring a light blanket to make sure you stay cosy and relaxed even when there’s a chill in the air. Blankets can also double up as a picnic blanket if you select a lightweight option that can easily fit in your tote or backpack.


Remote and secluded destinations may not accept credit or debit cards, so the best option is to bring some cash (notes and small change). You might find a small craft stall in the middle of a local village or need to buy a late-night snack from the retreat’s vending machine — cash is king in these scenarios.

Have Fun!

Last of all, have fun, be present and enjoy every moment! Customising your holiday packing list helps to keep things organised and, most importantly, facilitates a smooth and glorious weekend retreat

Free yourself from responsibilities and enjoy having the time to focus on self-care and self-love. Learn practises that will benefit your wellbeing long after the retreat ends. Take a look at our carefully selected range of wellbeing retreats and book your perfect escape today!