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Feeling demotivated, sluggish and restlessness at night this week? Shift the focus away from distressing factors at home on a weekend retreat for a spiritual and mental cleanse. A variety of destinations available with minimal travelling to ensure time is preserved for restoring psychophysical balance.


What are Weekend Retreats?

Weekend retreats are an efficient and effective option to snap out of the daily routine, shifting the focus on reaffirming purpose and direction. Lasting over the span of a weekend, these retreats are favourable for those who are beginning to feel the toll of the week dawn on them and the accumulation of environmental stressors. Many individuals who have attended our retreats also find that scheduling a weekend retreat rather than fortnight holidays are more productive than simply cooping in at home, facing the bleak, panelled walls, bubbling with thoughts and emotions.

Why a Weekend Retreat may suit you?

Feeling restless at night, unable to catch quality sleep is common in the fast-paced contemporary lifestyle. For those craving some time away to draw a fresh lungful of air without requiring exhaustive travelling or extensive postponing of plans, a weekend retreat will put time off work to good use without needing to interfere with conferences and meetings. Engage with new people and be engrossed in new surroundings on a weekend retreat. Programme itineraries often consist of yoga classes, meditation and breathing exercises, providing individuals the opportunity to learn essential skills to nurture a wholesome, healthy and balanced lifestyle during and after each retreat. Mostly held in the outdoors, it becomes a great chance to reconnect with nature, expanding the heart and mind to new possibilities.


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