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Thinking of improving your diet or imposing new lifestyle changes into your autonomous routine? As an advocate of keeping the components in our lives at a balance, we always endeavour to understand and explore new things and places to inspire you.

Explore a curated list of the top 7 wellbeing blogs who echo the same values as us and carry inspirational content we believe can help you take a step forward with rebalancing your inner harmony.




From methods to tackle brain fog to revitalising practices proven to aid wellness and relieve symptoms of depression, Mindbodygreen is a multi-faceted and well-rounded hotspot to understand and explore all factors that contribute to our spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.

As leading and established experts in the wellness industry with a board of expert contributors, Mindbodygreen dig deep into the pillars of wellness as they believe mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and environmental wellbeing are interconnected and in order to present a positive change in the world we all inhabit, we must first take care of ourselves. Each post by Mindbodygreen delivers rich content with a variety of nutritional food to feed the mind, soul and body, leaving us to thrum in positivity and to feel hopeful with a revived purpose after each read.


Yoga Six 


How much do you know about Yoga? It may sound like another ritzy physical activity fad that has jumped right out from the mountains for individuals with super bendy and flexible bodies, however, beyond this generic classification, yoga is a discipline with a myriad of health benefits. Honing physical health such as lowering blood pressure, improving strength as well as delivering relaxation and reducing anxiety are some of the untold end results attained at the end of a yoga class.


From a beginner’s guide to advanced and technical routines and stories from individuals who have found enlightenment through yoga, get your yoga mat ready as you are about to embark on a new journey with Yogasix.


Milk and Honey Wellness


Self-classified as a food and body peacemaker, Anne Dorsey, the founder of Milk and Honey Wellness, began her journey chiming purity and simplicity as two elements to a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle for both the mind and body. In believing life should be lived to the fullest without being deprived from components in our diets that deliver personal fulfilment and happiness, Anne Dorsey assembles rituals, programmes and inspiration to nourish the mind and body simultaneously.

The main goal is to help an individual feel good being in their own skin. From managing sugary cravings to nutritional education on foods and exercise plans, follow Anne for a positive outlook on life and plenty of delicious and healthy recipes.


Nutrition Stripped 


Thought about improving your diet but not sure where to start? At Nutrition Stripped, the team elaborate in depth on firstly, the nutritional facts of foods which they combine into healthy recipes and secondly, how the food affects the transmission of cells in our bodies which can subsequently impact how we feel and the functions of our internal organs.

Besides delivering nutrient-dense food and drink concoctions, at Nutrient Stripped, they believe positive reinforcement is another vital element for helping someone feel and look good inside and out and so they also adopt discussions of maintaining mental wellbeing in their blog.


The Blissful Mind


Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. At The Blissful Mind, Catherine curates a selection of tips and advice in her blog to help you find your cup of calm and balance in your everyday.

Ranging from topics on sleep patterns to advise on how to find stability and down time within your hectic week, The Blissful Mind sweeps you into a cumulus of positive enlightenment and enjoyment as each post helps you to unwind from the coil of stress and anxiety.


Simple Mindfulness 


Have you been mindful with your happiness? At Simple Mindfulness, Paige Burkes stands in place to help brush out the grey clouds of unhappiness and personal dissatisfaction by teaching us to be mindful on how we behave and respond in situations.

As she revisits her many mistakes, her aim is to use the stories as a pre-emptive measure for her readers and to teach us divert the precious time and energy into a positive and happy journey.


Wood and Luxe


Wood and Luxe also earns a spot in our web browser’s bookmark panel as Phoebe, who is based in London and has a strong presence across social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, exhibits her personal journey to chasing her dreams as well as personal tips and advise for staying motivated and determined when things hit a bump. Also, having garnered experience in the luxury travel and wellness industry, Phoebe now channels the energy into her blog through the vibrant displays of her curious travels and ethical wellness practises as a yoga teacher.


Urban Wellness Counselling


With counsellors specialising in a wide array of issues, Urban Wellness Counselling is the destination for those struggling in a relationship or whose emotions have frayed uncontrollably and seek an outlet or advise to sustain sanity. From anger management to exploring detrimental health effects of depression on the body and health benefits of taking a holiday, let Urban Wellness Counselling lead you to a better you!