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Make a retreat part of your annual routine to understand why many have begun making this an annual ritual. From mindfulness retreats, yoga retreats and walking and activity retreats, there are benefits to each and a retreat to meet your wellbeing goals.

The awesome power of tranquillity

Think about how tranquil your day to day life is: most likely you experience constant interruptions and prompts from your electronic devices, a noise of chatter around you at home, on the street, and in work and a multitude of distractions. Whilst plunging into the buzz of a night club or busy restaurant can be exhilarating, and whilst staying connected with our friends and loved ones is always a good idea, it is also crucial to inject some peace and quiet into our lives. The medical effects of stress on the body - including on the central nervous and endocrine systems - are well known and widely studied. Simply being in a tranquil environment is good for the rejuvenation of the soul, and you can even book yourself in to one of the many silence retreats that take place all over the world. A recent study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine discovered 'statistically significant improvements' in the wellbeing of wellness tourists. This research has been backed up by a 2016 study published in Religion, Brain and Behaviour by Andrew Newberg that affirmed positive effects of a 14 day retreat on Serotonin and dopamine binding.

Learning transferable skills

At many retreats, because they involve various activities and workshops, you will learn skills such as mindfulness, which can become a fantastic part of your life even after you leave the retreat, as this article by Courtney Leigh from Model Behaviours demonstrates. Being able to live in a mindful way even when you are surrounded by pressure and chaos at work is a brilliant skill to have. Though the retreat that you go on may only last a week or two,some frequent retreat-goers have noticed the benefits extending into their everyday life after the retreat. For an example, stopping stressful situations from holding a negative impact on mental health and by filling each day with positivity and strength in its place instead.

Learning a new practice

Have you ever wanted to learn to practice yoga properly? Perhaps you want to go in depth with the theory and practice of meditation? At a yoga holiday or meditation weekend, you can learn these skills from the experts. There are yoga retreats available for all levels, so whether you are a beginner in the world of yoga, or you want to brush up on your existing skills, you will have no problem finding a peaceful retreat that is just perfect for your needs.

Why go on these retreats on a regular basis?

To get the full benefit of the retreat, it is advisable to go on a retreat at least once a year. Though the effects of even a single retreat can be very long lasting, there is always more to learn and explore and results of each retreat are subject to the individual. If you find a retreat that you particularly like, you can go on the same retreat each year or try out a different retreat every time.

Have you booked your annual retreat yet?

Come right in, the water's warm! Booking an annual retreat is so easy to do, and there are lots of creative and appealing options for all types of travellers - whether you are a yoga lover or just somebody who wants to inject some stillness into your life.