Each thought and feeling is part of us but can sometimes become hostile and aggressive. To improve the outlook and approaches of daily life, embark on a mindfulness retreat engaging in meditation and breathing exercises to realign the mind, body and spirit.


What are Mindfulness Retreats?

What does mindfulness mean to you? With an increasing rate of work-related anxiety and depression and social-media fuelled stress, the call for a digital detox to clear the mind and find release from daily life has become common. Being mindful is a technique and a state of mind. Rather than alienating our emotions and thoughts, being mindful internalises them by accepting them for being a part of us. To help individuals achieve a higher state of consciousness, mindful activities such as meditation, breathing and gentle motion exercises are included in each programme.

Why a Mindfulness Retreat may suit you?

For those feeling tirelessly coiled in a repetitive cycle, fraught in a myriad of emotions, a mindfulness retreat is a wonderful way to switch up the tempo, disconnect from familiar surroundings and settle into a self-focus mode. Attending retreats can be misunderstood as being targeted for specific groups or relating to religious values. This is not true as there are different types of retreats aimed at achieving different results. Each a unique and unforgettable experience, the purpose of a mindfulness retreat is to help you step back from the day-to-day ordinary settings to let the mind switch off, reflect, realign and welcome a fresh, new mindset. In strides of slowness, reunite with the values that are most important to us and be present in each moment.


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