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Wanting to find time to relax and bond with children and introduce them to the beauty of nature? A family retreat holiday exploring the outdoors together with young children is a fulfilling option for busy parents. Be in the company of one another making memories and reinforcing a stronger parent-child bond.


What are Family Retreats?

Family retreat holidays are a wonderful way for parents to build a stronger and more robust relationship with children, as well as improve communication across their formative years. Sometimes, it becomes easy to forget the value of family because work, technology and school are all omnipresent factors lining our day-to-day life. Engage in expressive and creative art classes, outdoor activities involving parent-child interaction maximising exposure to one another’s presence and mindfulness workshops to learn the tools to balance work, life and family and cultivate a secure relationship between parent and child.

Why a Family Retreat may suit you?

Being a parent is a full-time job. Turning off from one mode and switching into another can be exhausting, weighing in on a parent-child relationship as the focus and attention is divided. On a family retreat, the aim is to reunite the family unit by providing a valuable opportunity to go exploring and experimenting together and most importantly, to enjoy the company of one another without school-run and bedtime calculations.


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