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For a long time, travellers and wellness enthusiasts alike have mistaken sustainable retreats as being synonymous to extreme deprivation, a lack of luxury and ill-equipped accommodation. In fact, with an increased concern towards the detrimental impacts of commercial travel on the environment, this has prompted an increased preference for eco-sustainable travel across the past decade. Sustainable retreats are the newfound option satisfying eco-sustainable travel without removing components of comfortable, contemporary living.


What is an Eco-Conscious and Sustainable Retreat at Balance Holidays?

At Balance Holidays, your wellbeing matters to us and we believe nature is an intrinsic branch of it. Which is why, taking into consideration the welfare of Mother Nature, our provider and home is an area we emphasise across the company, extending into each programme we design.
Conceptualised with the natural settings, local biodiversity and community in mind, we ensure each retreat keeps disturbance to the surrounding land, sea and soils to a minimum without hindering aspects for an immersive and life-enhancing experience. When choosing properties to partner with, a pre-on-boarding assessment is carried out to identify key indicators that resonate with our environmental values. In fact, each property we currently work with meets the criteria detailed in our sustainability commitment.

Eco-Conscious Efforts Each Retreat Embodies:

- Energy efficiency protocols

- Water conservation strategies

- Field-to-fork meals using local and seasonal ingredients

- Preservation efforts over land, sea, soil and local biodiversity

- Ethical working conditions

- Equal talent opportunities

- Waste, recycling and compost systems

- Single use plastic policy
- Certified Organic fruit and vegetable gardens

- Absence of chemical herbicides and fertilisers

- Supporting local charities and environmental initiatives

The choice to travel sustainably

There is only one planet to sustain humanity’s livelihood and that is Earth. Together, it is our duty and responsibility to protect Earth but above all, respond to the calls for help. Rising average temperatures and water levels, sharp decline in native flora and fauna, these devastating impacts directly inflict local communities, economy, infrastructure and our eco-systems. So how does this relate to travel? By placing eco-sustainability at the heart of decision-making, for example choosing to support properties that enrich and sustain the land and community they operate in. We will not only minimise the negative environmental impacts associated to travel but accentuate positive values around us.


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