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From leisure weekend trips to grocery shopping and how we spend our free time. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up many fundamental aspects of our daily lives. One area in particular, working from home has been turbocharged by the unprecedented times. In the UK alone, after lockdown was introduced, the scale of shift indicated an astonishing eight-fold rise. Up from 5.7% in January/February 2020 to 43.1% in April 2020, as recorded by WISERD. Given this newly evolved approach, have you ever had a Eureka moment and thought, “if I can work from home, perhaps I can swap scenery and work in a natural and beautiful destination too?” Yes you can!

Work-from-Home is Here To Stay

The way we work has changed profoundly in a reality anticipated by a few. Now, after converting our rooms into an office and finding a comfortable groove in the new routine. The attention is beginning shift to what is next for the future of work. According to findings by The Times, 75% of the UK’s largest firms are noticing benefits associated to work-from-home. Prompting a review into introducing this modality as a more regular and permanent option. What does this mean for workers? Besides investing the frenzied morning commute into enjoying a homemade breakfast, taking lunch at your preferred hour and replacing meetings with video-calls to save time. It also opens the doors to working away from home on a remote working travel experience.

What is a Remote Working Travel Experience?

Since the office is out of bounds, it does not mean you need to be bound to one location to setup office. Or exhaust your holiday allowance to work from a country manor home and enjoy the company of nature in hikes and trails. Designed to provide a change of scenery that supports your work responsibilities. Which double as an envy-inducing meeting backdrop and a space for restoration and reprieve. Remote working travel experiences are a newfound approach adapted to the present day work-life dynamic. At Balance Holidays, the team had a vision of bringing wellbeing, travel and work together in one destination and have since launched Curated Working. Welcoming individuals, intimate groups of family, friends and teammates to a pure, natural and beautiful environment that allows them to work equally as efficiently as being in an office. While also stroking curiosity and delighting the traveller appetite.

Who is it Suitable For?

Remote working travel experiences such as Curated Working are suitable for those looking to better focus on their work, without neglecting their personal wellbeing. Fully flexible and customisable, it is an ideal option for breaking away from the urban cityscape for untouched nature reserves. Sprucing up the itinerary with bouts of pulse-raising adventures and activities, relaxing treatments and warm-welcoming indoor and outdoor spaces that feel home away from home. For working parents with young children or if you wish to travel with your colleagues, Balance Holidays can adapt the experience entirely to your needs. As an expert curator of wellbeing travel experiences, we have rigorously hand-selected and combined our efforts with each property. Ensuring every experience never falls short of your expectations.

Why Choose One? 

Improving office layouts to hiring a wellness officer and investing into recreational facilities. For many years, employers have been seeking out the ‘golden formula’ to increase employee engagement levels, moods and productivity. According to a study by Berkley, the answer to boosting job satisfaction and commitment lies in doses of nature and bursts of sunlight. In their findings, data suggested a strong link between employees having a reasonable amount of exposure to sunlight, (either through working outside or spending time outside throughout the day), expansive outdoor views and natural elements to raised loyalty and reduced depressive symptoms.

These results are perhaps no revolutionary discovery. The topic of nature and its associated benefits on personal wellbeing, cognitive behaviour and psychosocial health has been closely observed and analysed for many years by the Global Wellness Institute. In this compelling piece, the GWI concludes that ‘nature has a remarkable power’ to dramatically improve both physical and mental health. One piece of evidence in their study suggests, as little as a 25-minute brisk walk a day could add three-years to our lives. While in the same piece, they find the brain-benefits to be ‘decrease in stress, restoration of mental energy, increase in short-term memory, cognition and creativity.’

Impassioned by nature and inspired by the bountiful gifts it provides. A pure and natural environment untouched by time forms the core parameters of each Curated Working experience at Balance Holidays. As we fondly believe that in addition to the findings state above. By connecting and staying attuned to Mother Nature, we are inspired, intellectually compelled, creative, restful and centred.