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Our mothers are the ones who bring us into the world and each year on Mothering Sunday, we celebrate the wonderful women and the roles they play in our lives. Showing your mum how much she means to you is a fantastic way to give something back and show how much you appreciate the nourishment, support and love. Unique and thoughtful, we share our favourite ideas for making Mother’s Day extra special.

Book Tickets

Take some time to find out a little more about your mother’s favourite music, film or performance and research if you can get tickets. Doing this is also a brilliant way to learn more about your mums’ interests and passions; you may find out that you have more in common than you think!

Contemporary or old school, there are a wealth of performances to choose, from The Royal Ballet to a popstar’s farewell tour. Use the opportunity to hear her stories and find out what it is that she loves about the show, and it is a fabulous opportunity to see her personality shine.

Create a Hamper

Go to an antique shop or flea market and purchase a beautiful vintage hamper or picnic basket and fill it full of her favourite things. Think of it as a luxury care package. The hamper could be a standalone gift, or you could pack a picnic and head to the park for a lovely vintage day out. Objects to include in the hamper could be:

· Her favourite wine, fruit juice or tea
· A retro blanket or scarf
· Luxury beauty products
· An aromatic candle
· Chocolates and biscuits

hamper basket on the front of a bike with flowers in

Go on a Family Retreat

A family retreat can be a deeply immersive and wonderful way to connect with your family. By incorporating activities that you all enjoy, you are allowing for a new level of relaxation and joy that can only be experienced in the unique atmosphere a luxury retreat has to offer.

At Balance Holidays, our family retreats are centred around connectivity and experience. Handcrafted and led by experienced professionals; wellbeing remains at the heart of our ethos. A family retreat is an incredible Mother’s Day gift that will bring you and your loved one closer together.

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Have a Creativity Night

Being creative is wholly enjoyable and a wonderful way for someone to express themselves. Invest in some art supplies and book in an evening of painting, drawing or crafting. As an extra treat, why not book an art or pottery class as a way to spend time together and try something new?

Help Out

Mums are busy bees who are always on the go. They spend so much time looking after other people; it’s time for someone to take care of her. Make a cup of her favourite tea and encourage her to put her feet up while you spend some time doing the household chores.

Out in the Garden

Gardening is a fun activity and also a task that your mum would appreciate help with. In a report by Science Daily, it explains that there are numerous benefits to spending time in nature. Enjoy a feeling of centredness and freedom by planting bulbs and seeds ready for the spring.

orange flowers in sunset

Flower Picking

A bunch of flowers is a lovely gift, but a day out at a picking garden provides an entire experience around the beautiful bunch of flowers you will end up with. Numerous gardens host special pick your own days where you can browse, cut and learn about a rainbow of plants and flowers.

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We’d love to hear your plans for a unique Mother’s Day! Comment or tag us on social media with your amazing ideas.