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Have you always wanted to learn yoga? If so, you could be hampered by a limited amount of time or the inability to access a wellness retreat. You will be happy to learn that a sense of peace and balance is only moments away! Let's look at look at some of the benefits of this practice before moving on to an excellent 10-minute yoga routine.

Yoga: Your Whole-Body Path to Wellness

The benefits of yoga cannot be overstated. For instance, a study by Laura Tolbaños Roche from Department of Clinical Psychology at the Universidad de la Laguna found that this form of meditation has been shown to lower blood pressure and to reduce levels of anxiety. Other studies by University of York and University of California have found that yoga is excellent for those who may be suffering from chronic lower back pain or incorrect posture. In fact, the International Journal of Yoga Therapy found that practising yoga can even treat more serious conditions such as generalised anxiety disorder. So, let's now take a look at an effective wellness and meditation routine.

Your 10 Minute Yoga Routine

The Child's Pose

This posture requires you to kneel and to bend forward until your back is resting upon your thighs. This is an excellent way to stretch out your lower back and to elongate the spine. After beginning with your arms at your sides, you will slowly reach them forward until your fingertips are in front. Then, rise back up so that you are seated vertically and wrap your arms around your torso until you are hugging yourself (great for stretching out the upper back). Always remember to breathe deeply during all of these exercises.

The Cat's Pose

In truth, this is actually a variant of the cat's pose. Begin by placing your knees on the floor and kneeling out with your hands supporting you. Keeping one hand on the floor for support, place the other one out in front until it is parallel with the floor. Twist your body and reach the extended arm until it is placed behind the arm still on the floor (this is called "threading the needle". You will notice a slight stretch in your neck, your abdomen and your upper back. Inhale when you stretch the arm out in front and exhale during the twist. Repeat on the opposite side.

The Cross-Legged Pose

Sit upright on the floor with your ankles crossed in front. Massage one side of your neck with the opposite hand and repeat. Gently knead the bottoms of each feet while breathing deeply the entire time. This will help to restore muscular balance while also reducing your levels of stress.

Opening the Hips

Seated on the floor, extend one leg while grabbing the opposite ankle and pulling it towards the opposite side of your body. Lean back and support yourself with the same arm as the leg that you are stretching. This helps to open up your hips and to loosen stiff muscles such as the abductors.

So give it a try today to experience a sense of rejuvenation in only ten minutes!