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Sample Corporate Retreat


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The following is a sample Corporate Retreat programme only. All details can be customised to your team goals and needs.


Reaffirm progressive and collective team growth and development, fortified by stronger communication, connection and sustained healthy wellbeing behaviours and attitudes on a Corporate Retreat with Balance Holidays. A programme leveraging Balance Holidays’ distinctive retreat design principles, that brings a global network of extraordinary destinations with world-class leadership coaches, wellbeing experts and nutrient-focused, field-to-fork cuisine.

From a blend of highly-focused group workshops and executive masterclasses to one-to-one wellbeing sessions and outdoor-based activities. By introducing a strengths-based practice at work, research from the field of positive organisational scholarship extensively shows the benefits on performance and wellbeing. The Harvard Business Review describes the benefits of individuals understanding their strengths at work to help them respond better to feedback, find purpose and become more engaged in the work that allows them to thrive. Further research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies highlights that using strengths at work allows people to feel that work is a calling and also increases life satisfaction, a common measure of wellbeing. A Gallup study conducted across 45 countries and including over a million employees found strengths interventions increase engagement and profit while reducing turnover and safety incidents. A clear identification of not only individual benefits but organisational advantages too.


Individual Development Masterclass: Learn to understand, recognise and celebrate individual differences and strengths and to use a common language around them. In doing so, Positive Psychology evidences increased performance at an individual level, leading to greater fulfilment at work. When awareness is broadened to the wider team, improved communication and employee engagement can be witnessed.

Team Development Masterclass: Cultivate effective communication strategies for feedback sharing and build awareness around emotions to create a psychologically safe environment. Which creates more trust, innovation and emotional intelligence within the team.

High Performance and Future Focus Masterclass: Establishing and maintaining positive organisational culture is the lynchpin for a thriving and high performing team. To achieve this phase, this masterclass will provide the strategy and experience for team members to work collaboratively to self-support future change and development moving forward.


Strengths Based Performance: Learn how to implement a strengths-based culture for increased resilience, innovation and engagement amongst team members.

Self-Compassion: Shift the mental paradigm to find balance between performance and wellbeing through the concept of self-compassion and discover actionable know-how on prioritising it no matter how busy the schedule.

Imposter Syndrome: Gain deeper understanding of this concept, acknowledging what it is, how it feels and to administer mindful behaviours and processes to minimise its interference with life inside and out of work.

Managing Stress: Discover and master psychological techniques to manage negative emotions and build resilience to stressful situations moving forward.

Success Strategies: Develop emotional, psychological and physiological techniques to utilise the unconscious mind in goal-setting, making successful goal completion seemingly effortless.


Strengths Based Leadership: Set a positive example for the team to follow by acknowledging personal strengths, learning techniques to optimise them in any given task and situation, and to stay energised and motivated to keep charging ahead.

Developing Psychological Safety: In order for true innovation to occur, team members must believe it is safe to speak up when a mistake is made, help is required or a great idea has come to mind.

Emotional Intelligence: Unfold new depths to personal, inner-landscape, identifying blind spots in order to become a more effective leader. By learning to be understanding of others and displaying support can create an exceptional team environment and morale.

Positive Organisational Culture: Coordinate vision with reality and take the organisation to a new level with a cohesive team built on enriched relationships, communication, purpose and a new, positive environment.

The Art of Feedback: Overcome the challenges of giving and receiving feedback by exploring different types of feedback, personal triggers and tools to undertake the feedback process effectively in an organisational setting.


Green and Blue Space Coaching Sessions take place beside open water or in wild green landscapes and can be held either indoors with views overlooking the surrounding nature, or as a walk-and-talk in the open air.

Receiving active listening is a profound experience providing undisturbed space to think clearly, bring attention to what matters most and map out tangible steps towards achieving the ideal goals and outcomes. Coupled with being in a pure and untouched, natural environment, research has shown this style of one-to-one coaching to be highly effective.

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