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Reinvigorate at Capri Island Retreat

This is a past retreat and it is no longer available

Unfortunately this retreat is no longer available. Discover Balance Holidays and our carefully curated collection of wellbeing retreats. Alternatively contact us if you prefer a personalised offering.

We love it for

• Balance Holidays Returns to Capri with a Limited Edition Wellbeing Retreat

• In Exclusive and First-Of-Its-Kind Collaboration with 5-star Luxury Hotel, Capri Palace Jumeirah

• A Curated Itinerary of Spellbinding Daily Guided Hiking Excursions

• Exclusive Dinner at Globally-Renowned Restaurant and Private Beach Club, Il Riccio


This is a past retreat belonging to the 2022 Fixed Date Retreats Collection and it is no longer available.

Please contact the Balance Holidays team to request this programme as a Private Retreat.


Following its success in 2022, Balance Holidays returns to Capri for the second year with the Reinvigorate at Capri Island Retreat. In the first-of-its kind collaboration with luxury 5-star hotel, Capri Palace Jumeirah. This Memorial Day, experience the island’s sublime natural beauty up close, and draw awareness to outdoor exercise, enjoy nutritional vegan cuisine and undisturbed relaxation to enable feelings of vitality and youthfulness. Reinforcing a confident relationship with the body and mind from within.

Pleasant temperatures and attractive easy-pace are undeniable charms of Capri, promising the ultimate destination for this limited edition Balance Holidays retreat. An 8-day curated programme to bring you within reach of nature, genuine companionship and holistic lifestyle solutions to sustain wellbeing in daily life. Engage the whole body and stir its chemistry of senses, as you trail through the undiscovered corners of Capri in a specially designed Balance Holidays itinerary of guided cultural hikes. A celebrity vegan chef will be delivering a marriage of fresh, nutritional and beautifully presented plant-based cuisine. Further enhancing an entire lifestyle reset towards personal resilience and confidence to feel your best. A meditation and wellbeing mentor, holding specialist expertise in an array of meditation techniques and life-affirming tools, will be conducting a sound bath, gentle stretching, breathwork, mindfulness workshops and more. Where the focus is to allow time for the mind to rest, put down self-limiting beliefs and clearly recognise your inner-potential. A valuable opportunity to find answers on the areas that deliver personal fulfilment, identify your goals and next steps, ready to go into the world aligned with the authentic self.

Guests of this retreat will receive Capri Medical Spa’s signature treatment, The Leg School Therapy, from knowledgeable and trained therapists, which has been specially developed by MD F. Canonaco. A massage consisting of three steps and performed using medicated mud, leg massage wrapping and Kneipp Hydro-Therapy.

*Attending guests will be granted full access to Capri Palace Jumeirah’s award-winning, state-of-the-art medical spa and will receive a Balance Holidays exclusive discount on treatments.


A Specially Curated Itinerary of Daily Hiking Excursions -

Few destinations remain pristine and protective of its identity as the island of Capri. Varying in intensity levels and led by the programme’s avid and foremost hiking experts, who have carefully designed each route together with Balance Holidays. Gain an all-round, insider-access to Capri and Anacapari’s hidden cultural and natural secrets traversing a series of iconic and undiscovered paths by foot. From ascending the multi-century-old carved stone staircase that is the island’s oldest and once the only gateway connecting inhabitants with the sea and beyond. To ancient Roman edifices showcasing architectural integrity from a passing age. At every peak, the complete profile of Capri is unveiled, accented with unobstructed views of the shimmering sea, interrupted only by the renowned rock structures rising from it, The Faraglioni.

*Please note, you will be accompanied by dedicated hiking guides at all times and the difficulty level of the trails will increase moderately each day.

Devoted Nutritional Care by A Celebrity and Specialist Vegan Chef -

Balance Holidays welcomes Morgan Witkin as the leading expert on this programme. Specialising in 100% plant-based and gluten, dairy and refined sugar free cooking. Teeming with vibrant flavours, fun, excitement and essential vitamins and minerals. Morgan and her distinctive philosophy on vegan cuisine will take to the kitchens each day. Presenting attractive, fresh and local ingredient-driven, Mediterranean-inspired meals. Each an authentic reflection of the Capri’s esteemed gastronomic heritage and the expert’s intelligent creativity. She will also be present at mealtimes for discussions about health, wellbeing and nutrition, and share information and guidance on integrating vegan food and the concept of Primary Foods, of which are aspects of life that nourish from within, such as career, relationships, goals and passions, to facilitate holistic wellbeing in daily life.

Expand Perspectives in Mindfulness Workshops and Activities -

Balance Holidays welcomes Belinda Matwali as the leading expert on this programme. Dial down the everyday demands to dig deep into the mind and identify what gives direction to your life and motivates you in a series of uplifting and perspective-broadening mindfulness workshops and activities. From a sound bath, breathwork, gentle stretching and yoga. To workshops developed to take you on the process of challenging and dissolving existing beliefs, patterns, emotions that no longer serve. All has been uniquely curated and orientated towards reflection on life decisions, where these are leading you and release a self-critical narrative. A thorough nourishing of the mind to move you towards a connected and confident perception of the self.


Balance Holidays is honoured to be the very first wellbeing retreat company Capri Palace Jumeirah is collaborating with. Shrouded in stillness, possessing soaring views of the sapphire Mediterranean sea at over 300-metres above sea level. Capri Palace Jumeirah, an iconic and historic luxury 5-star hotel equipped with a world-renowned spa, is an expression of timeless style embodying the Italian lifestyle concept, “Dolce Vita”. Created in accordance with the vision of its founder, Tonino Cacace, arches, vaults, chunky stone columns and all-white interior imbues a reminiscent adoration for an 18th century Neapolitan palazzo. Within the hotel sits Capri’s only two Michelin star restaurant, L’Olivo and a sensational museum, The White Museum, hosting the works of artists such as De Chirico, Keith Haring, amongst others. The hotel also lay claims to Il Riccio, a premium private beach club and restaurant.

What's included

- Daily Guided Hiking Excursions
- A Nourishing Leg Massage in Capri Palace’s Award-Winning Medical Spa
- Exclusive Dinner at Globally-Renowned Private Beach Club and Restaurant, Il Riccio
- Exclusive Outdoor Lunch at Iconic Gelsomina Restaurant
- Opening Ceremony & Intention Setting
- Daily Stretching, Yoga and Breathing Classes
- Mindful Eating and Nourishing Your Body Workshop
- Anatomy of Deep Relaxation Workshop
- Nervous System Fitness Workshop
- Mind Detox Workshop
- Nourishing Your Dreams Workshop
- Reinvigorate Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra
- Tools to Take Home Closing Ceremony
- Attractive and Nutritious field-to-fork Plant-Based, Gluten and Dairy-Free Meals
- 5-star Hotel Accommodation and Toiletries

- Transportation costs to and from the retreat
- Any extras consumed outside of this all-inclusive retreat

A typical day

*The activities and timings listed in this itinerary are indicative only. The final programme schedule will be emailed to you prior the beginning of this experience and may vary depending on factors such as local weather conditions. On occasion, we may swap activities around to ensure sufficient time for rest.

Food and cuisine

With her extensive knowledge on vegan cuisine that is paired with Mediterranean-inspired gastronomic concepts. Morgan together with Balance Holidays has curated a special menu for this retreat. Each plant-based creation, a meld of the finest local and in-season organic ingredients and expert culinary craft, skill and specialised expertise, will focus on nutritional balance and nurturing our bodies. Which at the same time, introduces a new narrative on how vegan cuisine can be fun, exciting and delicious too! Enjoy an authentic lunch experience at outdoor venue, Ristorante Gelsomina and an exclusive and elegant dinner at private beach club and restaurant Il Riccio.*Please notify us of any dietary restrictions, allergies and intolerances you may have. We will notify the chefs and accommodate request(s) where possible.

The experts

  • BH--expert-morgan-witkin-02
    Morgan Witkin

    A certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and the first American vegan chef to become a TV host for the Food Network in Italy. Morgan, who is based in Rome but carries American roots and a myriad of international experience, is the founder of Morganic Kitchen and delivers recipes that are 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten and refined sugar free. Yet there is no deprivation in this; flavour and variation are not sacrificed. Her aim is to help individuals execute diet and lifestyle changes in order to promote overall sustainable wellness. She has collaborated with internationally recognised Michelin-starred chefs at luxury hotels and resort groups including St. Regis, Relais & Châteaux, Cheval Blanc, Belmond and more.

  • BH-expert-belinda-matwali
    Belinda Matwali

    A well-versed meditation and wellbeing mentor with a diploma in Nutritional Therapy, completing a 240 hour Compassionate Inquiry Training with Dr Gabor Mate and over a decade of training with Masters in India. Belinda’s classes and workshops blend a broad range of life-affirming tools and wellbeing practices together, such as yoga, trauma-informed psychotherapeutic approaches and nutrition. All with a sole focus on guiding individuals to thrive and survive, and to be in complete alignment, presence and deeply attuned to the self and inner-teacher within. She has been featured on the Deliciously Ella App and has appeared at Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Festival, Wanderlust and collaborated with Sweaty Betty.

  • bh--expert-roberta
    Roberta De Martino

    Born and raised in Capri, Roberta is well-informed about the island and holds the sea inside of her. Having studied History of Art at the University of Naples, Roberta held a deep-craving for increasing others' exposure and experiences of the island beyond what lies on the surface. Prompting her love for the island, meeting new people and her depth of historical knowledge, paired with a personable character to become an expert hiking guide in Capri starting in 2014.

  • melania-capri-hd-725
    Melania Esposito

    Melania was born in Capri and studied in Naples. With her proficient knowledge of Capri and fervid passion for cultivating unforgettable travel experiences, she became an expert hiking guide for the Campania Region in 2014. A travel industry professional possessing creative hospitality skills, she loves to travel, especially with a backpack. She is also a scout leader, holding a love for nature and the outdoor life and believes there are many more miles ahead of her to explore.

Accommodation and prices

Recalling 18th-Century Neapolitan sophistication, chiming balance between its wealth of period and a sensitivity to contemporary living. The rooms at Capri Palace offer a genuine welcome that is confident and composed, echoing Capri glamour and bright, artistic character. *Please note, Sea View rooms available upon request. For more information, contact us.


  • Classic Garden View Single Occupancy

    Uniting nostalgia with light-hearted and breezy castaway feelings, the Classic Garden View Rooms are relaxing and inviting spaces that feel both beguiling and intimate. Boasting spectacular views of nearby Monte Solaro, the highest point of Capri and the hotel’s Mediterranean gardens. Each room is dressed in mellow cream and cocoa, accented with terracotta floor tiles, tributes to artists such as Mirò, Magritte and Warhol, and equipped with a King Size bed or Twin beds and bathroom with a shower or bath. Toiletries included.


  • Classic Garden View Double Occupancy

    Uniting nostalgia with light-hearted and breezy castaway feelings, the Classic Garden View Rooms are relaxing and inviting spaces that feel both beguiling and intimate. Boasting spectacular views of nearby Monte Solaro, the highest point of Capri and the hotel’s Mediterranean gardens. Each room is dressed in mellow cream and cocoa, accented with terracotta floor tiles, tributes to artists such as Mirò, Magritte and Warhol, and equipped with a King Size bed or Twin beds and bathroom with a shower or bath. Toiletries included.

Practical information


This programme will commence at 5:30pm on the day of arrival. You will be allowed to check into your room from 3:00pm onwards. We therefore suggest booking tickets with an arrival time that allows sufficient time for travel from the airport to the hotel. On the day of departure, the checkout time will be 12:00pm. You are welcome to depart earlier to meet the needs of your personal agenda.


From Naples Airport to Molo Beverello Port Naples: The closest airport is Naples International. From outside, you may order a taxi quoting “Molo Beverello Naples” to catch a hydrofoil service to Capri. Journey time from the airport to Molo Beverello is approximately 25 minutes if local traffic conditions permit.

From Molo Beverello Port Naples to Capri's Main Port: There are frequent connections running from Molo Beverello Naples to Capri, and it is possible to buy tickets on the day from the booths. However, to ensure a smooth and seamless transfer, we recommend booking in advance and online on https://www.misterferry.com/. Journey time from Molo Beverello to Capri’s main port will depend on the chosen hydrofoil service but will either be 45 or 50 minutes.

From Capri's Main Port to Capri Palace Jumeirah: The ferry will dock and disembark passengers at the Southern point of Capri. From here, taxi services are available to bring you to the Capri Palace Jumeirah hotel.

Please quote “Capri Palace Jumeirah hotel” to your driver to bring you to the location. Journey time will be approximately 15 minutes if local traffic conditions permit.


Capri Palace
Via Capodimonte,
14, 80071,
Isola di Capri,

Unfortunately this retreat is no longer available. Discover Balance Holidays and our carefully curated collection of wellbeing retreats. Alternatively contact us if you prefer a personalised offering. Explore our retreats

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