Jiriki Seitai at Sicilian Manor Retreat

Commenda di San Calogero, Sicily, Italy


In a far-flung region South of Italy, bathed in coastal easiness and untouched countryside beauty, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Bring the value of self back to the centre of focus, processing, reflecting and accepting each thought on the Jiriki Seitai at Sicilian Manor Retreat.

Balance Holidays is the very first wellbeing retreats company to offer Jiriki Seitai in Europe. This unique practice will be led by Marie, daughter of the founder, Yu Yagami. Jiriki is a Japanese Buddhist term for 'self-power'. The ability to achieve liberation and enlightenment through own efforts. It is a movement therapy aimed at helping individuals identify and cure chronic disorder and prevent pain from reappearing. The practice reinstates the free-flowing of Chi through the body and listening to the body to find pain, imbalance, misalignments and tension. Held each day in the open-air beside the luminous setting sun, unite with the body, free the mind, restored and calm.
Set in closeness to nature, as a new day begins to ascend. Welcome in new possibilities in guided meditation and a sequence of fluid, precise and grounding Vinyasa Flow movements with Roberto. Who is the first international Jiriki instructor certified by Yu Yagami in 2019 and makes a great addition co-teaching with Marie. Together, their expertise and knowledge will lead individuals onto a path of inner-exploration, embraced by new perspectives. This programme also includes two mindfulness workshops, putting the world on pause for spells of added stillness.

Slow down, reconnect and awaken the body and mind further in a historical archaeological river trek. Sublime blends of land and sea that carries many moods, signals adventure with a visit to the city of Syracuse and the island of Ortigia. A lunch informed by local recipes and traditions will follow at a Sicilian trattoria. Unfold the art and time-honoured craft of Sicilian plant-based cuisine in a cooking class and demonstration.

Throughout this retreat, meals will be freshly prepared using organic ingredients grown in the estate gardens from a menu, meticulously designed by Balance Holidays and the resident chefs. They will follow traditional Sicilian culinary concepts to present dishes of pure delight and nutrition.

In a nod to the serene settings, balanced with its heritage retold through striking textural contrasts. Commenda di San Calogero dates back to the 16th Century, sitting beside the San Calogero River on the Iblean plateau. Backed by expanses of private gardens teeming with flourishing blooms, citrus groves and olive trees. To which marmalades, orange blossom honey and the finest extra virgin olive oil is produced and tasted during the retreat. This country home carries an unmistakable intimacy to retreat, relax and recite stories from a day of active adventure and discovery.

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night double occupancy, the price is £2,208pp or for single occupancy, the price is £2,430pp.


What's included

- Morning Vinyasa Flow Yoga
- Evening Jiriki Class
- X2 Mindfulness Workshops
- Archaeological River Trek
- Visit of Syracuse and Island of Ortigia With Lunch
- Traditional Sicilian Healthy Cooking Class
- Turkish Bath and Sauna Access
- Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
- Accommodation and Toiletries

Transportation Costs To and From This Retreat

A typical day

Sample retreat menu

Get the full Sicilian experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as each meal is meticulously prepared daily using organic ingredients grown in the estate’s gardens. Implementing traditional Sicilian culinary concepts, each dish is a true taste of Sicily that can be taken away home to integrate into everyday life. *Please notify us of any dietary requirements. 

The experts

  • marie-yagami-bh-expert
    Marie Yagami

    As the daughter of the founder of the Japanese self-healing body movement, Jiriki Seitai, Marie Yagami is an expert of the practice and determined to introduce this practice in Europe as part of her mission. Combining elements of Yoga, Shiatsu Massage and Chiropractic treatment, the main objective of the Jiriki practice is to help students reconnect and heal their bodies by learning to listen to it to identify chronic pains, imbalance, misalignments and tension. Having completed an RYS 250hr Vinyasa Flow YTT at Stretch London, Marie has extensive knowledge of philosophy, anatomy, pranayama and meditation, all of which has been applied into her Jiriki teaching. With her attentive and caring approach, each of Marie’s classes will be eye opening and refreshing, bringing the practice straight from the roots of Japan.

  • roberto-rubalcava-bh-expert
    Roberto Rubalcava

    Roberto was born in Mexico City surrounded by light and colour. In 1999, he made London his home and discovered his love for yoga. Since then his practice has spanned 21 years, teaching for the past five. Roberto’s extensive experience is also varied by influences, which will be displayed and explored in each of his classes. Whether you are upside down in a fast-paced dynamic flow or completely still in a restorative class, you will be in attentive and caring hands. In 2019 he qualified in Japan directly from Yu Yagami, creator of Jiriki Seitai. Making him the first non-Japanese navigator to teach in Europe. Roberto loves creating a fun environment while focusing on body alignment, breath, mind, heart and energy with challenging and original sequences.

Property and rooms

Located in a beautiful region of Italy, stay at a former feudal estate circled in lush greenery, blooming meadows and peaceful lakes and rivers. As one of the best-preserved traditional Sicilian country estate homes with a history dating back to the 16th Century. The property looks out towards Mount Etna, providing an authentic insight into its pastime. Each room is furnished with precious antiques to portray unique character and rustic charm. That has been preserved to provide a tranquil setting to relax and unwind.

  • 5 days
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  • 5 days
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