Enriching Sicilian Manor Curated Working

Commenda di San Calogero, Sicily, Italy


Carrying a promise of tranquility, sunshine and warm Mediterranean Sea breezes that caresses this countryside corner. Feel in the zone in an environment considerate towards the demands of remote working, with equal attention to your wellbeing on the Enriching Sicilian Manor Curated Working.

With a spectacular selection of indoor and outdoor work spaces, privately reserved for Balance Holidays’ guests for the full duration of the experience. Unite and bathe in the natural beauty of the environment, attending to work delegations out in the open, steeped in greenery and water. Or stir creative acuity from the attractively charismatic study lounges. Replete of comfortable chairs, multi-purpose tables, office amenities and double-panelled glass doors and windows. Infecting the rooms with bursts of sunlight and a simple energy content to take things as they come. Roam, relax and seek respite after accomplishing a productivity-filled day in an assortment of nature-based and cultural activities. Empty the mind, stretching your arms and legs in your choice of physical activity: Yoga, Fitness or Pilates. Trail across 100 hectares of private land in daily nature excursions before unveiling the secrets of the region in an archaeological tour of Syracuse and Island of Ortigia and a traditional Sicilian cooking class. A personalised in-room massage is also included, promoting further rest and reflection. Guests will have complimentary access to the outdoor pool and Hammam Spa throughout their stay. The estate’s eco-sustainability principles are highlighted in the kitchens. Using ingredients provided by the organic gardens, hand-picked daily and merged with local recipes, delighting guests each meal.

Boasting spectacular upfront views of Mount Etna, the highest peak in Italy. Commenda di San Calogero is a 16th Century former Sicilian feudal estate and Sicily’s best kept secret. Set in a valley by the San Calogero river, on the outskirts of the Iblean Plateau. The estate harmoniously forges balance between past and present, weaving textures, colours and materials together to pay homage to its heritage. Without forgetting the ideal of contemporary comforts. Landscaped gardens host organic citrus groves and olive trees, the leading characters of marmalades, orange blossom honey and the finest extra virgin olive oils. Cultural jewels of art and history in the likes of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, monasteries, medieval castle ruins and more call for attention nearby. Encouraging guests to experience a world away from the ordinary, where time stands still and an inescapable adoration for history prevails.

Effortlessly form a stronger connection with the exquisite beauty of this untouched land. Where nature thrives under the mild temperatures and unexpected discoveries and adventures ignite thrills that are still felt in days spent reminiscing.

For an all-inclusive 7-day 6-night stay, the price for double occupancy in the Standard room is £1,986pp or for single occupancy, the price is £2,364pp.


What's included

- Dedicated Work Spaces
- High-Speed Wi-Fi
- Daily Refreshments
- X1 Physical Activity
- Daily Nature Excursions Along 100 Hectares of Private Grounds
- X1 Visit of Syracuse and Island of Ortigia Followed with Lunch
- X1 Traditional Sicilian Cooking Class and Lunch
- X1 Personalised In-Room Massage
- Outdoor Pool and Hammam Spa Access
- Field-to-Fork Gourmet Meals
- Accommodation and Toiletries


Items listed in What’s Included are for 1 guest

Transportation Costs To and From This Retreat

Every detail of this experience can be personalised to your interests and needs

A typical day

Food and cuisine

Fresh, seasonal ingredients grown in the estate gardens and distinctive flavours of Southern Italy deliver dishes that honour culinary traditions. As well as inventive but wholesome, nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Experience private dining in the comfort of the open-roof pavilion or gardens.

*For special dining requests, please enquire to learn more.


Accommodation and prices

Located in a beautiful region of Italy, stay at a former feudal estate circled in lush greenery, blooming meadows and peaceful lakes and rivers. As one of the best-preserved traditional Sicilian country estate homes with a history dating back to the 16th Century. The property looks out towards Mount Etna, providing an authentic insight into its past-time.