Who we are

Livia Manca, Founder of Balance Holidays

Driven by a willingness to spend some “me time” in a retreat, our founder Livia found herself searching for a boutique marketplace that would recommend short, life-enhancing wellness retreats, combined with a 5-star hotel experience.

Very quickly she realised that such a platform doesn’t exist. She got lost on the web as couldn’t find an appropriate place due to fragmented information and a strong content gap online. Additionally, the lack of personal service and the limited high-end options in this market meant that she was forced to do her own research and get referrals from friends rather than the web.

Livia finally went on a retreat to India. Two weeks later, she returned with the mindset to create a place where anyone – no matter their ability or interest– can find a retreat programme that isn’t that popular beach holiday break or a strict yoga or detox retreat.

Hence Balance Holidays was born.

Balance Holidays is both for those at the start of their wellness journey and for people who are already highly self-aware. We are the answer to those who look for a “me time” in a form of a short break to re-connect, re-focus and re-balance physically and mentally trough various activities, classes and treatments. There is nothing extreme- we are all about BALANCE.

Our guests want to maintain a connection with themselves. They MAKE time to go inwards and refocus on themselves, to get back the balance and become in charge of their life again.

We build a long lasting relationship with our guests to support evolvement of their wellbeing journey throughout the years. We want to recommend future retreats to build on what they have already learned and taken back home.