Who We Are


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Balance Holidays is a curator of exclusive and high-quality, short wellbeing breaks. Framed by a pure and quiet, natural environment, designed to provide undisturbed time and space to slow down, disconnect and restore vitality and a sense of belonging.

Each programme in our collection pays careful attention to detail. Favoured by the generosity of vast, open spaces and privacy to move, think, create, learn and grow. We work with learned experts, deeply respected in their fields and high-end boutique hotels and properties committed to eco-sustainability. They include a unique selection of physical, mindful, creative and nature-based activities, workshops and classes. Nature plays a central role in everything we do as we believe it is a conduit to our natural, vibrant self. Combined with a personalised approach, we conceive unique experiences that are moulded to your wellbeing needs. Creating a lasting impact and arming individuals with tools for self-care, mindfulness and cleaner, healthier living to bring forth into every day. 




 – Life-Enhancing Experiences

Held in quiet, tucked-away destinations, we design exclusive retreat programmes that leverage their natural strengths. A personalised approach paired with expert-led knowledge and guidance provides a variety of multi-faceted experiences. Helping you reconnect with a pure and natural environment as a means to awakening your true potential.

– Nature At Heart

We believe nature is conducive to our natural, vibrant self. Every detail in each experience is carefully considered. From the destination to activities and ingredients, let nature inspire positive and healthy behaviours and attitudes to bring forth into everyday life.

– Responsible and Sustainable

Our commitment to building wellbeing for our communities and planet Earth stems from love and reverence for nature. We select and work with properties whose environmental and sustainable values align with ours and we take an active role in helping them continue improving their efforts. We also support organisations that align with our values such as Slow Food. For more information about Our Responsibility please click here.

– Stringent Commitment to Quality

We work with exceptional properties who are markers of excellence and high standards and constantly adapt to provide a seamless experience for each guest. Additionally, we partner with highly skilled and experienced experts are deeply respected in their field.  Our actions and words are also held to high standards via trusted external bodies such as Positive Luxury and WellSpoken







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