Who We Are


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Balance Holidays is an expert curator of short wellbeing breaks aiming to disconnect you from the routine of everyday life, and restore you in an authentic and quietly luxurious environment, immersed in nature. 




Our collection of life-enhancing retreats is exclusively designed with the mission to meet your wellbeing goals and sustain vitality in your life. 

We work with learned experts deeply respected in their field and include a variety of physical, mindful, creative and nature-based activities, workshops and classes to arm individuals with the tools for re-learning, self-care, mindfulness and cleaner, healthier living to bring forth into everyday life. 

Held in Europe and confining countries, with an emphasis on eco-sustainability, we design meaningful programmes that leverage the natural strengths of each destination, as we believe, nature is a conduit to our natural, vibrant self.

Suitable for both those at the start of their wellbeing journey and the highly self-aware individuals looking to continue improving personal wellbeing, our retreats are welcomed short-breaks to provide time and space to create, think, exercise, go deep and forge and deepen relationships with like-minded individuals. 

Our Retreat Calendar can be found here.




Supporting you in living mindfully, staying healthy and happy is what we do.

With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we understand your stress, concerns and anxiety. As summer approaches and restrictions begin easing, we start looking ahead and thinking about ways to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones, experiencing new adventures and creating new memories in unique destinations. We want to help! Which is why we are happy to offer Balance Holidays Retreats-On-Demand, allowing most set date programmes in our collection to be customised to suit your personal needs and requirements, open to parties of 6 or more. The intention is to allow families, work teams and friends to share knowledge, deepen relationships, eat healthily and benefit from a variety of energising outdoor activities to re-emerge refreshed and newly motivated.

To find out more or to discuss this in more detail, contact us on hello@balanceholidays.com.




 – Unique Programme Design and Location

We work with less discovered, boutique locations and design programmes that leverage their natural strengths. As wellbeing can be reached in many ways, we have a variety of multifaceted offerings, with wonderful nutritious food, high quality guides and a healthy environment at the core.

– Unparalleled Customer Service

From our initial pre-retreat consultation where we work with you to find the right programme, to our hosting team that accompanies you on retreats, and our intimate group sizes that ensure a rich student-to-teacher ratio, we offer personalised care to maximize your experience.

– Environmental Focus and Eco-Sustainability

We select partners where the natural environment and sustainable practices are at the heart of their offering, and take an active role in helping them improve their efforts via an annual best practices report. We also support organizations that live our values such as Slow Food. For more information about Our Responsibility please click here.

 – Like-Minded Individuals with Shared Values

Our retreats provide time, space and energy to forge connections and deepen relationships with like-minded people – whether you come together or they are found on-site.

– Stringent Commitment to Quality

We work with exceptional properties and highly skilled and experienced professionals, deeply respected experts in their field. Our actions and words are also held to high standards via trusted external bodies such as Positive Luxury and WellSpoken