Who we are

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Balance Holidays specialises in life-enhancing wellbeing retreats held at exclusive locations. We curate and offer a collection of short breaks designed to provide the tools for long-term positive self-care and wellbeing.

Driven by willingness to spend some downtime on a retreat without having to travel too far from Europe, our founder Livia, found herself searching for a luxury wellbeing retreats platform that could recommend short, life-enhancing wellbeing retreats, combined with a 5-star resort experience.

Soon after she realised that a curated retreats online platform was unavailable. Due to fragmented information and a strong content gap online, she was unable to make sense of the results of her online search, regrettably forcing her to conduct her own research and ask friends for referrals and recommendations.

In the end, Livia went on a retreat to India. Two weeks later, she returned with a resolute mindset to create an online portal offering short life-enhancing wellbeing retreat programmes, suitable for a range of individuals no matter their abilities or understanding of physical and emotional health.

Balance Holidays is intended for both those at the start of their wellbeing journey and the highly self-aware individuals looking to continue improving personal wellbeing. Our short breaks include various activities, workshops and treatments, providing valuable downtime and the opportunity to re-balance physically and mentally. We do not believe wellbeing to be a passing movement hence we are about providing our guests with practical tools to continue their journey of self-care at home.

We look for ultra high-end resorts in memorable and tranquil destinations, often undiscovered by our guests and work with all partners to create a unique and effective wellbeing retreat programme offering. Each retreat incorporates elements of the surrounding nature and culture to ensure the destination itself is part of the experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wellbeing travel community of like-minded individuals.