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A collection of the best wellbeing retreats in the region of picturesque farms, organic vineyards and breathtaking coastlines...

A marvel of Renaissance art and architecture with a distinct exterior and interior style, discover a new slice of Italy on a retreat to Tuscany. Deep-rooted in culture and historic traditions, Tuscany is a unique destination with fierce values and scenic surroundings.

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Reconnect in Tuscany, the land of cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, excellent wine and food delicacies...

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Re-energize, Restore at Eco-Sustainable Historical Retreat

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11th Sep 2019 - 15th Sep 2019


£2008 pp

Clear blue skies, bountiful floral gardens stretching over the horizon to meet the rural green hills, Tuscany is a gem of wellness in itself. Ideal for a short weekend break without having to travel too far or too long, with a generous capacity to offer more at every turn, Tuscany is the prime location to cleanse the mind, body and soul.

Stretch those arms and legs and nourish the body with traditional dishes, prepared using organic ingredients sourced from the home garden farms in the warm and welcoming embrace of Tuscany.

Based in Central Italy renowned for encompassing the wistfully beautiful natural landscapes, rugged Mountains and the blissful amble of the jewel-blue seashore, Tuscany is the definition of true paradise. Proven to steal a piece of your heart, liberate the spiritual mind and let the sensational sunny spells, seaside breeze and scenic landscapes engulf your attention and concentration, as you nurture a special relationship with the land during morning yoga classes and evening meditation sessions.

The relentless beauty of this Italian region goes beyond the humble pale-pink rocked estate home, acres of olive groves and hazy gardens in full-bloom. Take a day to rent a bike or stroll the surrounding meadows and valleys to explore the vernacular and spirit of this land through decades of preservation. Every stone and lonesome leaf speaks a piece belonging to Tuscan pastime, offering the more pure and serene ambience for guests to restore balance and rediscover the importance of self-love and self-care amongst the midst of chaos. Tuscany is a place like no other and each programme is suitable for those looking to improve their yoga poise or simply switching off for the weekend to focus on their spiritual mind and physical body.

Why a retreat in Tuscany?

Most times, a retreat and a holiday are confused as being a thing of the same yet despite their definition being relatively similar to one another, to take time to detach and detox from the autonomy of daily life, the approaches and results of each vary. More specifically, a retreat is an immersive and unique experience held at some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious destinations and resorts in the world including Tuscany, to help individuals acquire the essential tools to achieve physical, spiritual and mental balance whilst being away from the comforts of home and the stresses of daily life. Each and every programme includes life-enhancing classes and sessions to allow guests to continue to maintain a balanced lifestyle during and after the retreat.

Before deciding on the programme, an individual must first understand the purpose of attending a wellbeing retreat. For an example, if basking in rays of Tuscan sunshine followed by brisk strolls along never-ending stretches of green land to relax and disconnect is the idea in mind, a retreat to Tuscany is the prime destination.

With its extensive history and pristine countryside landscapes, Tuscany boasts its reputation for being the Italian region holding some of the most prestigious farmland estate homes having undergone a contemporary refurbishment, retaining its medieval flair. Each programme in Tuscany will be consist of yoga sessions, meditation and breathing exercises, held in the vast outdoors to allow guests to absorb as much of the beauty Tuscany has to offer all the while helping individuals fulfil their needs.

Every wellbeing retreat will become a new opportunity to experience the unforgettable and ascertain benefits of spiritual awakening, physical rejuvenation as well as redefined purpose and inner-clarity. Explore the art and science of Yoga with breathtakingly beautiful scenes of Tuscany by choosing Tuscany as the destination to begin your new balanced lifestyle.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Choosing to begin your balance journey with Balance Holidays not only means experiencing life-enhancing changes and benefits but also a destinations like no other as our programmes are held at some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious resort and hotels to ensure guests are offered the essential tools to choreograph and cultivate a balanced lifestyle during and after each programme. A balanced lifestyle at Balance Holidays is defined as self-care, mindfulness and healthy living however we understand each individual’s needs are different which is why every programme in our wellness retreats collection is carefully considered and hand-selected to ensure each need is met and surpass expectations. All programmes incorporate elements of local traditions and culture, from the culinary concepts to the extra activities biking and hiking across local landmarks granting an experience that expands beyond the realms of ordinary, discovered just for you.

Why book with us?

At Balance Holidays, our philosophy draws from first-handed, personal experience and understanding of the confusion around the wellbeing retreats market which is the team at Balance Holidays sets out to inspire others with her individual wellbeing journey by being readily available to speak to, to offer advise and reassurance, making bookings with Balance Holidays a seamless, highly personalised and unique service.

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