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A collection of the best wellbeing retreats in a bucolic corner accompanied by vineyards, beehives and olive groves, offering year round sunshine and historic riches..

The jewel-blue Mediterranean Sea, sun-washed, arable landscape and the mighty Rhone river. Provence is a Technicolor kaleidoscope. In light and darkness, discover the region that inspired the works of eminent artists and explore cities of alluring culture and intricate elegance.

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France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat in August

available between & ongoing -
29th Jul 2020 - 02nd Aug 2020


£2187 pp

France > Provence

Energy Awakening Lake Lodge Retreat in September

available between & ongoing -
23rd Sep 2020 - 27th Sep 2020


£2187 pp

Welcome to Provence..

Renowned for its abundant summers and pleasant winters, Provence is the epitome of southern France’s culture and beauty. Rolling lavender fields and green encrusted mountains are synonymous with the country’s alluring aesthetic. A visit here will ultimate in a reflection of sensual revival and personal discovery as the region is deeply rooted in ancient history that will encourage a deep and meaningful connection. It is clear to see how the region inspired the illustrious art of the world-renowned artists Vincent Van Gough and Paul Cézanne, whose works drew from the colours, ambience and energy of Provence.

Why a retreat in Provence?

Some of the earliest traces of human habitation can be seen on the Mediterranean coast of Provence, giving the region a feeling of an ancient human bond. Always an attractive capture of ancient kings of distant dynasties, in a unique event, its independence from the rest of France in the first half of the previous century has created an individual culture. As a result, choosing a retreat in Provence equates to choosing to engage in a local culture never experienced before. With an emphasis on the beauty of nature, retreats in Provence focus on opening up and embracing the electrifying energy of the surroundings and breathing in the heady perfumes of the budding flora.

Why choose Balance Holidays for a retreat?

Each programme we design intends to educate and guide you towards a continued path of balance, self-care and mindfulness. We understand in the crowded and modern social lifestyle, taking a moment to stop and process thoughts and emotions can prove difficult. For this reason, we encourage each guest to go outwards and inwards on a retreat with Balance Holidays.

Respect towards the wellbeing of nature is reflected in our retreats, bringing guests to return to the natural state of being through the movement of Earth. Discover new skills and knowledge and achieve personal growth that can be translated into a contemporary context at home. Connecting the body with the mind through a series of sustainable activities, classes and workshops is at the heart of each programme. Focus on breathing, be present and unlock creative energies in a tranquil space, carved out for you.

Why book with us?

Our tailored services are drawn from personal experience and seek to relate with our guests from the moment they reach our website. Throughout the booking process, we are available to provide expert advice and guidance on any queries you may have. Each journey through Balance Holidays is unique thanks to our bespoke service and programmes, which is what sets us apart. We also visit each destination personally to ensure the programme we design aligns with guests’ needs and surpass expectations. Whether you are at the beginning of your journey or looking to continue practicing self-care and mindfulness, we are here to help you understand what is right for you.